Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kiss the Cook: Rockman In Apron Form

If there's one thing that Capcom has taught me, it's that they love milking Rockman's likeliness for all its worth; slapping his colorful face on anything and everything. Such is the case with this stylish (and expensive) Rockman cooking apron. Yes, a Rockman cooking apron.

This very obscure item is currently up for bidding at Yahoo Auctions Japan for a whopping 10,000 Yen ($115.00)! Why so much? My guess is that this was some sort of under-produced promotional item, maybe something distributed only to Capcom staff?

If I knew how to cook (and had some extra cash lying around), I would so buy this.


  1. LOL.....

    With that cooking apron, I can BBQ and get all the ladies!

    Such an awesome item, I should buy it.

  2. Hey, we gave away one of those at the raffle during the Mega Man panel at Otakon! :D

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  3. Sweet apron. I know how to cook... as i am a cook/chef. i SOOOOO want that.

  4. Don't get to close to a heat source, it looks like it might melt.

  5. o_O Isn't that Trigger's Apron from MML2?

  6. I actually own one, almost got a second one, but lost that auction. (was very lucky, won it for $15)

    Am hesitant to wear it while cooking, don't want to damage it...but at the same time, would look very swanky making pancakes with it.


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