Monday, January 26, 2009

MegaMan 9 Goes Portable

No, Capcom isn't porting the game onto the DS, but here's the next best thing:


  1. Wondered when you'd see this. :) I've seen the darnded thing on 4 different sites now. :P

    It's actually a pretty pathetic mod. A screen bolted on top of a wii. Ben Heck's is better.

  2. Well I see no reason to judge it poorly, since it works. Plus, it's not like too many of us could do better, otherwise, we'd be mass producing and selling it on the black market, by now.

  3. The Wii Screen? xD
    Funny that you posted this, I saw that screen a few days ago in the store xD.

  4. Hmmm.. So what ? It is NOT PORTABLE... You scared me because I thought you means DS or something since the word Portable in your site. I do not consider this awesome. This is NOT PORTABLE Wii, anyway.

  5. I dunno, I honestly think I could do that... That screen looks remarkably like the LCD they sell at Divineo China and the battery pack is as generic and un-custom as you can get.

    Though I must admit, I wouldn't want to chance ruining my wii by modding it, so he probably has either more guts or more stupidity. (Although the "mod" looks like it doesn't do any major work on dangerous breakable parts)


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