Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Shooting Star Rockman Official Complete Works" Announced

At the Osaka World Hobby Fair, Capcom formally announced a new Complete Works art book, one that would compile various artwork from the entire Shooting Star series. If the past is any indication, Complete Work/Perfect Works books usual come out in honor of a series' end such as Zero Official Complete Works and RM.EXE "Himitsu Complete Illustration Guide." (What of R20? Meh, maybe that's an exception)

The book is set to release in late March, 2009. Thanks John for the tip.

Source: CAPコブン


  1. Wow. That's pretty cogent evidence of its demise.

    Although, it only happened twice previously. Who knows?

  2. That's a neat pic. But cool pictures aren't enough to save the series, it seems.

    Probably because Rockman's design was the only design in that series that was close to cool. (besides Burai's)

  3. Hmm my only concern is to decide whether to wait for Udon or not...we all know how long MMZ OCW took.

    Still waiting for R20 to get finished. =\

  4. I wantz.
    I liked the Zero Official Complete Works, so I think I'll like this one and others!


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