Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where In the World Is Mark Gatha?

A while back, I tried to score a Q&A session with Mark Gatha, the voice of Mega Man X in the most recent X series games. To my dismay, Ocean Group informed me he was no longer represented by the company. Unfortunately, they were in no position to tell me his current whereabouts. With nothing left to do, I gave up. In the meantime, someone else was also trying to locate Mr. Gatha...

Lucas Gilbertson was trying to track down Mark as well, with the intentions of doing a collaborative re-dub for fun. (according to Lucas' YouTube comments) Using his contacts, Lucas learned that Mr. Gatha is now a doctor in Nova Scotia, Canada.

So, it sounds as if Mark won't be reprising his role as X anytime soon. Being a doctor is a full time job, requiring one's constant presence and diligence. Sad to see him go; Mark was, without a doubt, the best actor to ever portray X.


  1. Pish. Saving lives is always the easy way out.

  2. @C Hahaha! That made me laugh... :D

  3. VA turned MD? That's something you don't see often.

    Dammit, now I'm imagining some sort of MMX/House crossover. INTERNET WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME

  4. Now that's something I expect a Japanese V.A. to do.

  5. Oh, thats pretty cool. :)

    I guess X was his sidejob while he was working up to this

    Theres something extremely fitting about someone who played a peace loving super robot going on to become a doctor..or not.

  6. Eh. Gatha was the best english X to date, but that ain't saying much. X has always sounded horrible in english, and Mark did a solid job, but X kinda sounded a bit dorky too. I know X can be a bit of wuss, but he's the main character, he IS MegaMan. I'd like him to least sound a bit more heroic. I thought Lucas did a better job as Zero than Mark as X.(they both act fine, just Mark's voice wasn't quite as fitting)

    Regardless, I wish the best to Mark as a doctor. :)

  7. Yeah, on further appraisal, recently re-listening to the CM and MHX dubs, Gatha's X was particularly angry. While he was clearly capable of doing a softer, more nuanced portrayal on occasional lines, he really stuck to the tone of 'you are pissing me off, Maverick!' throughout. It made X come off as rather more severe. While that worked chillingly well in the final fight against Sigma in MHX, in a lot of other ways it really hurt the portrayal over all. In all cases it's still a massive improvement over the 'girly' prior voices of the character, but X should have more compassion and gentleness- or at least a hint of it somewhere!

  8. Well, I went around and discovered something regarding Gatha's notorious medical career: it's true. After some meticulous searching I found that he IS in fact a doctor.

    The proof can be found here, in this PDF file:

    If you do a search on Gatha, you'll find a name: Gatha, Mark Samir.

    Therefore, Gatha will be working as a doctor full-time, and may unfortunately be unable to do any dub work for some time.

    He will be missed. At least he will be saving lives- an honorable career indeed. God Bless Ya, Mark!

  9. I could hear him as a doctor...
    Mark: Ok bend over.
    Me: ok.
    Mark: This hand of mine burns with an awesome power!
    Me: Oh shi-
    Mark: It's loud roar tells me to check your prostate! Erupting Burning FINGER!!
    Me: *is blown away*

  10. Mr. Gatha is the wonderful choice for X. He sounds pretty gentle in Maverick Hunter X. Especially in Day of Sigma. It'll be great if Mr. Gatha is my doctor.

  11. Hope to see Mark Gatha again in some way, shape or form in the far off future. I know it's almost impossible with the rules of being a doctor requires, but hopefully we can at least get in contact with him in some way.


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