Monday, January 12, 2009

MegaMan DVD Collection Upped To 3-Discs

According to Best Buy's online store, ADV Film's re-release of the Ruby Spears MegaMan cartoon on DVD has been bumped up to a 3-disc set. Amazon previously listed the set as a single disc release, which seemed a bit inaccurate when you take into consideration the listed run-time of 286 minutes. Notably, the original 2003 release was a 3-disc set as well.

Based on ADV's recent DVD box set re-releases such as Evangelion and Rahxephon, expect little to no bonus features. The MegaMan re-release along with Eva and Rahxephon are part of ADV's new financial recovery plan, in which they re-release their more popular shows in an attempt to make a quick buck. In order to cut production costs, they've chosen to make no effort in producing bonus features whatsoever.

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  1. Beats the heck out of paying $90 for the original set though.


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