Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Banner Incoming

A new year, a new look. I decided it's about time I spruced things up a bit with the blog, starting with a new banner. Pictured to the right is a preliminary banner created by PRC reader Jin, who modeled it after Capcom of Japan's official Rockman hub. I'm considering putting this one up, however, I'm interested in seeing what you guys have in mind.

Got an idea for a banner? Make it and send it my way. Unfortunately, I don't have any sort of reward in mind, it's all just for fun.

As for size, it should be around 1085px × 142px. Hop to it!


  1. Neat idea! Maybe I'll make something...

  2. Wait, what size should I make it? If I decide to make one, that is.

  3. Hmmm I will try and make one, though that is an odd size to work with I think I could manage. XD


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