Friday, January 30, 2009

Auction: Rockman "Smart Card"

Up for bidding on Yahoo! Auctions Japan is a fairly rare "Rockman smart card," a promotional item only available to members of U-Capcom for a limited time. That's pretty neat, but what the heck is a "smart card?"

Since the new millennium, Japan has grown accustom to the use of "smart cards," a new method of paying for railway transportation. It's quite simple: your railroad tickets are already prepaid, and with a quick scan, you're on your way to your desired destination. In some cases, the smart card also doubles as a credit card for use in various stores and kiosks.

"Themed" smart cards are nothing new, many cards are adorned with fictional characters such as Doraemon, Duke Toga, and in our case, Rockman.

The auction is currently running at 1,100 Yen ($12.00) with two bids (the card originally sold for 500 Yen). In addition to the card, the seller is also included a special message from U-Capcom.


  1. If only they had something like that for admissions in America or for subways everywhere, for that matter. (Or perhaps they do, and I'm just slow....Never ridden a train except at a museum, before....)


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