Saturday, January 3, 2009

MegaMan Cameo In "Robopon 2"

Title says it all. MegaMan and friends made a very small appearance in the little known GameBoy Advance game, Robopon 2: Ring/Cross Version back in 2001.

Pictured to the right is a character named 'Soul' who bears a striking resemblance to the Blue Bomber himself. Apparently, Soul's description reads: "The spirit of justice. Fight on for ever-lasting peace!" Gosh, that sounds awfully familiar.

Other characters in the game also resemble Bass, Rush, Treble and ProtoMan (whom is aptly named "Protopon").

Thanks for the tip Ji!


  1. Weird. O_o Hey, Soul is a type of music, just like Rock! XD

  2. Damn, wish I knew about this earlier. Great find!

  3. Prepare for fun Feb. 6th....

  4. Interesting.. This character is strange draw and it is obviously not by Capcom but permit by Capcom maybe ?

  5. What does Anon2 speak of?


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