Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rockman DASH Value Pack Ships

Just got my confirmation from Play-Asia: the value pack is shipping out. Hopefully, the pack will sell well enough to convince Capcom that the DASH series is worthy of a true blue sequel...

If you've yet to play the PSP ports of the series and have $35 laying around, by all means purchase the pack.


  1. Its not like it affects us that much, it wont come out here, and the pack itself isnt in English. The VAST majority of players over in the western world cant read Japanese, and theres no sense playing a game you cant understand.

  2. C'mon, anonymous! Where's your collector's spirit? :P

  3. @ Anon

    Your stupid comment amazes me.

    If it sells well there - It'll come out here.

    Japanese? Big whoop, walkthroughs.

    You get used to it, you understand what some things mean, bam. Congrats, you just got used to it.

    NEVER. Say there is no sense playing a game you can't understand because there is some sense.


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