Friday, January 9, 2009

Ariga Wishes You a Happy New Year, Megamix 4 Update

New Years postcards are a big thing in the east, it's not uncommon for game developers and artists to create "nengajou" for their devoted fans. Thus, to commemorate the new year, Hitoshi Ariga has crafted a nifty negajou card entitled "Asteroid Blues" for all his viewers. How nice!

Coinciding the new year card was a small status update concerning Megamix volume 4: Ariga notes he's working very hard on the comic's completion, apologizing for not being able to speak about it more directly. Apparently, Ariga is not allowed to make any sort of announcements, instead all announcements shall come from his publisher in the near future. Regardless, he's anticipating the comic's release later this year.

News Credit: Radix


  1. Why happy new year ? It is always a sad years... every year. Too many problems and earth is getting worse and worse.

    Sad, indeed.

    Beautiful color cover but happy new year is a very sad new year... every year!

  2. Bah, you're looking at it wrong. The world has always been bad and there have always been evil people. Chin up and do your best not to be one! ;)

  3. True but they are happy and its fake to me. :P


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