Thursday, January 15, 2009

Iconic Video Game Head Gear: Hard Hats, Servbot Helmet

GameDaily has put together a lengthy list of the most recognizable "hats, bandannas and helmets" of video game characters new and old. Making the cut at number twenty is the "Hard Hat" worn by our beloved Mets:

20. Hard Hat (Mega Man series)
This short-legged character hides beneath a construction helmet and occasionally pops his head out to fire a trio of bullets at Mega Man. Fans of the series consider him a memorable enemy, and we loved seeing him in last year's Mega Man 9.

Also making the list is the humorous Servbot helmet found within Capcom's Dead Rising:

3. Servbot helmet (Dead Rising)
In the middle of Dead Rising's zombie-stricken mall, you'll come across a toy store where you're able to pick up Servbot helmets. They make serviceable weapons, as you can whack the undead with them. You can also put one on a zombie's head. Do it multiple times and you've got a silly zombie party.

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