Monday, January 19, 2009

Rockman 4 and Rockman 5 Gold Carts Up For Bid (Real or Fake?)

Yahoo! Auctions Japan, home of everything a Rockman collector could ever want, is hosting two very interesting auctions that might interest you. A lone individual is auctioning off the insanely rare Rockman 4 and Rockman 5 gold cartridges—items issued as prizes for winning Robot Master design contests back in the day.

Only eight copies of the Rockman 4 cart exist, two of which we know their exact location: one resides in the company of Japanese game store Super Potato (retailing for $6,000), while the other is said to be in the hands of Bright Man's (RM4) designer. As for the Rockman 5 cartridge, I personally had no idea a gold cart version even existed, so I guess we can assume eight of those exist as well.

With a starting price of 1,000 Yen each ($11.00) and zero bids, I highly recommend dropping the money on either of the two, but please do take into consideration that these may or may not be legitimate. The starting price alone makes me feel very uncomfortable, almost as if these are intended fakes. Still, there is a strong possibility these are legit and the seller has no real understanding of how much these are worth. I don't know, It's your call.


  1. Its fake. I own all Japanese games.. They never released gold cart at all. Its FAKE!!! Dont buy it!!!!

  2. Why the heck would you spend that much money on plastic and PCB's? O_o Just spray paint a standard one, for gosh sakes. :P

  3. Gold carts are not fake, as PD said, they were rewarded to the winners of various boss design contests.

  4. If it were rewarded to the winners of various boss design contests then where is the box and manual ? Just carts ? Then it is useless to me. Again, maybe a fake as a copy.

  5. The only way to know if it's real or not, is when you buy it, if you open the shell of the cart, there is a ?/8 (like 2/8) inside for the Capcom factories to keep track of each shell. Super Potato showed it on a japanese show to help avoid bootlegs. To be honest.... I didn't know a Rockman 5 one existed, this concept was only for Rockman 4 to my knowledge and I am ON THE INSIDE.

    - The Shadow -

  6. Ahh, the Shadow appears again...

    Any way, unless you have the money to burn, I wouldn't risk this. There are other buys that are much more trust-worthy.

  7. They look spray painted and most gold carts have a smooth, reflective sheen to them. Also I think Capcom used smooth cartridge cases not the rough, mottled kind.

    But hey, who knows??!

  8. They look well fake - as if spray painted and most gold famicom carts have a smooth, reflective sheen to them.

    Also Capcom carts use usually (or always) the smooth case kind not the mottles, bumpy surface these cases have.


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