Monday, January 5, 2009

MegaMan Coming To Video Games Live

Video Games Live, the largest video game concert in the world, is looking to beef up its 2009 lineup with a handful of new pieces including MegaMan, Chrono Trigger, Shenmue and Shadow of the Colossus:

For more info about VGL including tour dates and ticket information, check out the official site.

News Credit: Rumble Pack


  1. Instant win. Really the only aspect about this announcement that's even better than the addition of Mega Man music is the addition of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross music. Those are two of the very best collections of music ever -- in gaming or otherwise -- right there.

    Video Games Live just gained a whole lot more relevance with this announcement. I've seen the show before and, while it was pretty good, it was FAR too Western-gaming-oriented for my tastes... until now. The addition of so many beloved Japanese franchises is going to go a lot way toward making the show much, much better. Because after all, when you think about great game music, how often do you really think of Western game series over Japanese ones? Exactly...

  2. I went to their 2006 show, it was awesome, I was thinking all it needed was some Capcom stuff. I wasn't really too crazy about the WoW and some of the other stuff they put in there (Advent Rising, Civilization to name a few) but man, I would completely pay to see it again if they throw in all this stuff. I hope they come back next year!


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