Thursday, January 29, 2009

MegaDestructor9 Dominates Wily Castle 4

MegaDestructor9, holder of the top MM9 Time Attack completion times, recently completed his most successful run of Wily Castle 4, just barely under a minute and fifty seconds Astounding? Indeed:

News Credit: Capcom-Unity


  1. I wonder what's it takes to get to that point...

  2. Seemed unreal at first, but became more humanly possible towards the end.

    Props to him.

  3. Very impressive.

    - The Shadow -

  4. Yeah, you can tell he plays that A LOT. Looks like me playing megaman 3, where you have your route memorized and programmed basically.

  5. Yup, it's insane and very impressive at same time; though, I wonder if RM9 was designed for a time challenge game instead of... an old Rockman playthrough, when the player could enjoy the stages environment, the music and *waste* time wondering about the next step.

    I'm completly out of RM9 replay value, I just can't play it anymore. :)

  6. He play a lot and obvious he dont have a life. I don't care. He need to have a life instead of this game. I love this game but I only play at least an hour or two ever other days. I prefer my life than stare at the television.


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