Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystery of the Wily Wars Cart Solved

Still curious as to what that Wily Wars cartridge was all about? Thanks to PRC reader Hypercoyote, we have our answer. Before the auction was taken down/ended, Hypercoyote contacted the seller, who had this to say:

"It's an eprom with custom packaging, everything looks like a real sega release, but it only came out in the europe and japan. I didn't do it (solder), I bought it off someone from the sega-16 forums. From what I can tell it uses an eprom with the euro wily wars on there with the game genie region patch applied, then soldered into a nba jam tournament edition game or similar since it uses a specific type of save feature. He made the art and manual himself."

Simply put, the cartridge was homebrewed--a fine homebrew at that.

Thanks for the info Hypercoyote and Jesse.


  1. Very, very cool. It really looks like the real thing... or at least it would if a "real thing" existed. :P

  2. Even if it's not real, it's still pretty freaking cool. Actually, that might make it better. It's unique!

  3. Oh great.. now he is a thief.. A nice homebrew for n00b fan who thought it is a real thing existed to buy. What a rip off. He is a thief and wants our money for himself instead gave up his real cart which turn out to be homebrew.

    What ? YOu guys think it is cool ?? Dont you know that he is going to steal our money even thought you smiled ? What a rip off!

  4. I prefer to think of it as you are buying the time and effort someone put into making it. Would you call it a ripoff if someone sold one of those AirMan figure mods on ebay?

  5. That's cool. It's not a ripoff-- it looks professional and is a neat mod. :D


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