Wednesday, April 1, 2009

That's A Wrap

Old banner is back and with it, my devotion to the Blue Bomber. My strange, abrupt love for the Rockman amplifier was nothing more than a simple April fools' joke. (In all seriousness however, Tom Scholz and anything bearing his name simply rocks.)

Sure, the Mega Man X9 joke was great and all (amazing sprite jobs!), but I felt like doing something completely different. I dunno, if I had a little more time I might have been able to cook up something really juicy. Maybe next time. Maybe next time...

Well, onwards and upwards. More Mega Man/Rockman news to come!


  1. What happened to the post with the scans of the new PET prototype? Was that a hoax, too?

  2. Yes. It's a long, complicated story why it was removed.

  3. We wanna hear it! ;)

  4. Even though it was probably just a hastily written, spur of the moment message from the man himself, with allusions to some of the more famous songs in Boston's playlist, I'm glad you enjoyed hearing from Mr. Scholz. We all know you can't eBay without seeing his stuff littering the pages of Rockman memorabilia.

    I'm still amazed NOBODY faked the MM9 secret. That was the one thing I think people would have believed longer than anything.

  5. Haha... I never buy it at all... April Fool's Day is so dumb and i am suprise some people still forgot about it every years. I don't. I always remember it. Its stupid tradition, lol.

  6. Yesterday, I steered clear of the Internet. Knowing about 60%+ of the sites would do a joke about changing or closing down. It always happens, so when I read the previous I was thinking.
    "That day was April Fool's, it's too obvious."

    Although, it was a nice bit of info, and amusing. :p

  7. Nice prank, too bad I missed it.
    Hm... this thing sounds worthy of buying, but I dont have an instrument.
    I'll admit that I did not like the PET one, to over done but this is pretty good.


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