Monday, April 20, 2009

Rockman and Rush Tour Capcom HQ

Among Japanese developers, Capcom has and continues to be the biggest supporter of the PSP. Their allegiance to the platform began with the "Arekore line up", high quality software that included the likes Irregular Hunter X, Rockman Rockman and other popular IPs. The history of the Arekore line is somewhat depressing as only one title of the line met its potential; Monster Hunter Portable. IHX and RR fell victim to lackluster sales and shortly afterwords, the Arekore brand was dropped.

All's not gloom and doom however, the Arekore campaign brought about a series of really cool promotional goodies. From December 2004 to March 2005, purchasers of the line could apply to win prizes including limited edition iPod Shuffle faceplates, and the allusive "Special Arekore Collection" UMD. The UMD contains a fun little promotional video starring cute animated renditions of Rockman and Rush (pictured) as they explore Capcom of Japan's Osaka HQ. During their trek, the duo present trailers for the Aerkore line up and interview select CoJ staff. It's all in good fun.

Unfortunately, the feature can only be found on this particular UMD, however a ten second clip of the promo was formerly featured on YouTube two years back. The video has since been removed and has yet to resurface. Reclaiming the source of the footage won't be an easy feat as the UMD was limited to 500 prize winners. Rare? You bet.

If you've got this fun promo lying around, do us all a favor and share!

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