Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Equipped With Popcorn Shot

TV dinners are all the rage at my house. That and popcorn. Can't get enough of it. Anyways...

Back when the millennium was fresh, 2003 to be exact, Capcom USA signed a deal with ASAP Popcorn to put Mega Man on 10 million microwaveable popcorn packages in honor of the franchise's 15th anniversary. As an added bonus, ASAP would hold a sweepstakes to win a Nintendo Gamecube and various MM goods. The contest ran through July till September 2003. Interesting, no?

Out of blatant curiosity, anybody managed to snatch one of these way back when? Maybe even entered the contest?


  1. Awesome! I wonder what other goodies from the beginning of the EXE era I missed...

  2. Lol this seems more like an april fools joke.

  3. I never knew this even existed.

  4. Yeah, I actually won that contest. The top prize was actually a one of a kind Megaman Gamecube, it was pretty sweet. I sold it on ebay a while back unfortunately....

  5. The irony of this is in BN6 Mega/Rock actually has a popcorn attack. CornShot anyone.


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