Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fan-Made Rockman GameCenter CX DVD

GameCenter CX is a really fun show, one that desperately needs to make it's way outside of Japan. The premise is simple: Japanese comedian, Shinya Arino, attempts to complete classic video games within a time limit set by his "staff." If successful, Arino is "promoted", making his way up the ranks of a fictional game company known as CX. His trials and tribulations are recorded and inevitably broadcasted on Fuji TV for all to see. (protip: YouTube has a plethora of subtitled episodes here)

As one would expect, Rockman games were featured on the show occasionally with two whole episodes dedicated to Rockman 1 and Rockman 2 . Sadly, that's all the GCX love Rockman ever got as RM3 and onwards were never featured.

Strange isn't it? Being a sort of retro gaming nut, you would think Arino would give at least Rockman 9 a spin, right? To my knowledge, Arino did promote the game a while back, but he has yet to play the game on his show. That's no good.

Not liking this one bit, Eigi, a doujin DVD circle, have decided to take matters into their own hands by creating an unofficial episode of Game Center CX devoted entirely to Rockman 9; taking up the task that Arino didn't.

The DVD, "Rockman Challenge CX", features the host, "Papiyon Mask" recording his playthrough of the game, spoofing Arino's antics (such as applying adhesive pads mid gameplay to reduce sweating) in the process. It's all good fun!

The only means of obtaining the DVD is directly through Eigi for a small fee of 525 Yen ($ 5.20). Shipping outside of Japan is not likely sadly.

Regardless, don't you just love fan-made stuff like this?


  1. The name and logo remind me of Retro Games Challenge on Nintendo DS... Same guy?

  2. Also, Arino did play Megaman 9; it was a short mini-episode that aired on the Japanese Wii's "Nintendo Channel". The two parts of it are here: http://gccx-musou.seesaa.net/article/107186075.html


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