Sunday, April 5, 2009

Niklas Jansson Talks Mega Man Legends

Niklas Jansson of Flying Spaghetti Monster fame, absolutely adores Mega Man Legends. Adores it so much that he recently put up this blog post discussing his take on the series, a proposed "revitalization" of the Legends canon.

The writeup includes new takes on the Reaverbots' origins, Digger mechanics, factions of Elysium and a whole boat load of other interesting concepts. My personal favorite tidbit? The hierarchy pictured to the right; it's sort of a organizational food pyramid of the entire System of Elysium. Truly fascinating.

Read up on the full blog post here.

News Credit: Gamma Rallyson


  1. Daaamn.

    I'm not even interested in the Legends games, and I'm bloody impressed. That's some real dedication there.

  2. OK either this is real and this guy works for capcom or he's a bloody genius!I couldn't stop reading, everything was so perfect, so fitting! Absolutley fantastic!

  3. Artist Niklas Jansson of Flying Spaghetti Monster fame


    Artist Niklas Jansson of Being an Anti-Religious Dickhead fame


  4. Hey Protodude,you have to approve these comments right?Then why the heck did you allow anon#1's commment.

  5. Free speech, we're all free to express our opinion(s). That's not to say I don't reject comments.

  6. The wording was a bit strong... but I tend to agree with Anon1. Although it didn't need to be so harsh.

    Everyone thinks the Flying Spaghetti Monster is soooo hilarious and clever.

  7. If this guy was working with capcom we would see a new MML3 loaded with new things, concepts, ideas, and badassness that gamers have grown to love with megaman. That, and MML was different from all other Megaman games because you didnt have to kill 8 bosses and then a final boss after you got the 8 power-ups. and it was made to be 3 dimensional, not a pixelated, or 3d sidescroller, kinda like MMX8 with Axl.


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