Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flea Market Brings Mega Man DOS Prototypes

PRC reader Jimb0 has come into possession of rare, prototype builds of the infamous Mega Man X and Mega Man III DOS games. The floppies yield from Jimb0's local flea market, retailing for $4.00 each.

The content of the prototypes aren't all that special unfortunately. The MMX demo plays exactly the same as the final build, the only difference is that of the words "KIOSK DEMO" are embedded on the title screen.

The MMIII proto is an incomplete build, notably lacking Wave Man, Blade Man and Oil Man's stages. And for some really strange reason, Dr. Wily is named "Doc Willy."

Jimb0 hopes to rip both prototypes and release them online within the week.


  1. Holy fricken sweet moocows, Batman!

  2. Hi :) I was wondering if Jimb0 ever release his prototypes online? I would really like to try out that Mega Man 3 PC proto.

  3. I believe they were sold. It's been a long time since I last heard.

  4. Such a shame I haven't seen these elsewhere, maybe they'll resurface one day.


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