Thursday, April 2, 2009

Auction: Mega Man 2 Worlds of Power Book

In an attempt to cash-in on the video game industry, Scholastic Books released the Worlds of Power book series in the early 90's; miniature novels based on popular non Nintendo franchises.

Mega Man 2
had the dubious honor of being novelized, chronicling Mega Man's quest to defeat one Robot Master after the next. Sadly, it's not as interesting as it seems, the book is noteworthy for throwing in some very bizarre plot points involving cloning and Mega Man becoming a human being...forever.

As strange and out of place as it may be, the book is quite the collector's item often selling from anywhere between $10 and $30 (condition is a huge factor). A reasonably priced auction just so happened to pop up today: Staring price of$24.95 (buyout of $29.99) with $3.00 shipping. Not too bad if you don't mind some wear!

Interested in learning more about the book? Read up on Mechanical Maniacs' write up and be amazed.


  1. Oh, I remember reading this! It was awesomely bad! XD

  2. I actually liked this book. Is it really worth that much? I got a mint copy I'll sell ya for $50 lol

  3. Argh.. This book is so ugly.. The Japanese version was so much better.

  4. But it couldn't have been half as bad as watching Dragonball: The Magic Begins. I'd take the book any day of the week. Now if only we could get a live action Captain N..Green Megaman. Hotness.

  5. I'm also an owner of this... strange... piece of history, along with Metal Gear, Blaster Master, and Simon's Quest. My copy is in considerably better condition (though not mint). While I'll not be parting with it, I'll definitely say this much: anyone in their right mind would most certainly regret paying more than a few dollars for it -- even a collector has to draw the line somewhere.

  6. These books are interesting, to say the least. "The big Dr. W sign loomed ahead," or the "lasers went FWOOOSH!" Little passages like that used to make me laugh. I did like the fact that they made a prequel book to Shadowgate called BEFORE SHADOWGATE. I don't think it's canon at all, but it wasn't bad.


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