Friday, April 10, 2009

That's A Lot Of Model Kits You Got There

How many? Twenty Four kits to be precise, most fully assembled in "good condition." Where can one invest in such a godly assortment? Ebay of course.

This humongous auction, starting at $10.00, (reserved) contains a variety of Rockman model kits, a good majority of them being the ever popular "mega frame" models:
"These megaman figures have been played with but are still in good condition. Due to use a few parts are loose but still stay on. The Figures are: X5 Falcon armor, X5 Gaea armor, 4th armor, Bug Ball, Tornado Fang, Magnet Mine, Transparent orange, Sonic Slicer, Zero, Magaman, Repliroid Vava MK-II, Tenguman, and Duo are all in good condition with no missing or broken parts, Spinning Blade is missing the disc, Frost Shield one shoulder is broke but there, Varjurilaff: stickers gone and loose, Rush: stickers there but not on, ExX armor loose, RX armor: no stickers real loose, Bass is there but no box and Max armor is in pieces. This lot also comes with a bag of asseccories and extra parts as you can see in the bag. Paid well over $200 for these "
It's not a flawless collection but it is a great one no less. Check out the complete listing here.


  1. Woah, somebody choose the buy it now option and spent the 285 dollars, what a true fan I'd have to say!

  2. man now this is easily $5000 USD


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