Friday, April 17, 2009

"Let the Wind Tell Him" Recording Session Footage

Of all the vocal pieces in the series, Roll's theme, "Let the Wind Tell Him", is my absolute favorite. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon an eleven year old video of the recording session for the Battle & Chase version of the song (sung by Yoshino Aoki). Many thanks to SuperMega233 for the upload:


  1. Dude, that was my favorite song ever. I had first heard it on one of the Complete Works games (forgot which now) and had no idea where it came from originally. That song rocks!

  2. It's fun to think of this kind of thing going on behind most of the music in video games. (Rockman games especially) It's such a shame we don't see it more often. Like with Mario Galaxy's Orchestra video, we need more of it! XD

    Makes me want to go into the game development industry. ._.

  3. @Hypercoyote: It's the 6th Complete Works~ ^v^

    It's been my favorite song since Battle & Chase first showed up. I made a Nokia ringtone of it many years ago too. :3

  4. It is a nice treat to see talent at work. I also share a fondness to the song. No one can deny its a wonderful song to listen to. According to Wikipedia there are six versions of the song, not counting the one on Tatsunoko vs Capcom. I know there's a short and long version in Battle & Chase (with the piano version possibly counting as a third), a semi-short version in the 6th Complete Works, and one in MVC1. I can't recall what the sixth one is, but I'm sure someone knows.

  5. The "semi-short" one in 6th Complete Works is actually 3m20s long. ^^

  6. Totally cool.

    That was definitely interesting to see the voice actress behind Roll, and the people that wrote this incredible song.

    But...isn't Roll supposed to be, like, 10? You'd think they'd try and get a kid to sing it.


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