Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mega Man 9 Remix Project Teaser Released

It's here! The Mega Man 9 Remix Project team just released the first sample track for download! The sample is a mash up of various remixed themes featuring a wide array of styles ranging from jazz to downright techno. In addition, the remix team released early promotional art for the album featuring Splash Woman (pictured).

All in all, the remix project is turning out to be a labor of love. Expect more samples and a project release date in the very near future.Send your feedback to the project's official forums!


  1. I got to say it sounds very very mediocre unfortunately. Or maybe I just set my expectations too high.

  2. Sounds much much like Rockman 8, plus... a few samples are like a FM radio music. :)

    Well, quite early to do a major judgement, I'll bear the time for now. o.o

  3. Who draw this ? It is too Americanized to me. I prefer Japanese version.

  4. So far, this is very disappointing. The only ones that sounded any good were Splash Woman, and that guitar piece shortly after (Couldn't tell what it was) The rest of the samples just sounded like repetitive trance music. I sadly prefer the official arranged album.

  5. @Anon#1 - It's fanart for a fanmade project in which most participants happen to be non-Japanese. What's wrong with artists interpreting a character in their own style?

    @Anon#2 - I'm not catching Splash Blue in there. The first song for 28 seconds is Jewel Temptation by GeckoYamori. Then it leads into We're the Robots by k-wix to the :48 mark. I'm having trouble figuring out that nice guitar song which I assume is what you mentioned next, but judging by the WIP received list it might possibly be Danimal Cannon's Concrete Jungle. But there were a few on here that left me scratching my head as to what they were, considering how short of a preview they got. I caught Vurez' boss theme in there at the 1:25 mark. And the preview closes with bLiNd's Suspense.

    But it's really hard to judge this at the moment. I thought the RM9 Arranged's Hornet Dance was going to be bad based off the preview, and it ended up being more memorable and catchy than I ever thought that song could be. You never know what other instruments might be mixed into the tracks. Best to hold off critiques until you can hear complete ones.

    It's just nice to hear new MM9 remixes is all I can say. Not like there have been all that many out in the community.

  6. Splash Woman sounded great. But unfortunately, the rest sounds like every other mediocre trance music that has been so remixed and watered down that it's no longer even recognizable as its original melody. Am I the only one who couldn't identify any of the music past Splash Woman?

  7. I can always count on OC Remix to deliver a mediocre product from an otherwise fantastic original piece.

    They gave Street Fighter 2, not one, but two forgettable remix projects and now they'll be doing the same for Mega Man 9.

    Feels bad man.


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