Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auction: Limited Edition Mega Man Resin Statue

Looking to spruce up your Mega Man collection? Got a thousand dollars to blow? Then you might want to check out what ebay brings us today:

Up for bidding is a limited edition Mega Man resin statue created in 1997 in conjunction with the Blue Bomber's 10th anniversary. Only 1,000 were ever produced, originally distributed to those who mailed in Mega Man 8's proof of purchase code and an extra $24.95. This particular statue is number 91 out of the lot. Of note however, the statue once had a resin crack near an arm, but has since been repaired.

Bidding starts at $1,000 USD (with free shipping). View the complete auction here. I don't know about you, but I think that's just a wee bit too much when you consider the original price point...


  1. It will stay at zero bids until he comes down on the price. 1000 dollars for a broken and repaired statue? Really?

  2. 1000 smackers? No thanks. >.>

  3. Good grief. Why do people think these things are worth so much? >_> People always overestimate the value of their "rarities"

  4. I want one. But not for that kind of price O_o

  5. Wow, I only paid $150 for a signed one....yeah, that's a little overboard.

  6. Wow... didn't realize they were so valuable. I have #1/1000, #10/1000, and another one somewhere from when they were first released. Sadly the first and latter broke, #1 sometime between the plane flight from San Diego ComicCon (where Capcom was selling them 2 years back for $5) and unpacking it.

    I'm even more surprised that while broken they seem to have value. Then again they seem to break so easily. $5 to over $100 is crazy.


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