Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Even More Mega Man Baked Goodness

PRC reader Blue Suit Robot sent this image my way; 100 something cupcakes his girlfriend whipped up, carefully constructed into the image of Mega Man's head. (in 8-bit no less) What a nice gesture! Don't let this one out of your sight man, she's a catch.

All this talk of cupcakes and cookies is really tickling my sweet tooth...


  1. Where do you guys find these girls, making Megaman cookies, sowing a Megaman hat, ...
    My last girlfriend shivered if I even said the word "Megaman"

  2. Sweat tooth. Ewww. They probably make Axe for that.

  3. I count 117. How does one EAT that many cupcakes...?

    ...I really want a cupcake now... If I had a guy who liked Mega Man, I'd totally make him things like this.

  4. You have an awesome girlfriend. (y)

  5. yeah, it was a grand total of 124 cupcakes. a few were too big or too small for the project so i threw them out. we didn't eat them all. in fact, we chucked most of them out. it was just supposed to be a nice birthday surprise. very time consuming though..

    oh yeah.. and i knit him a mega man hat for xmas.. ftw.

    -girlfriend of "bluesuitriot/robot"


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