Sunday, April 26, 2009

Golden Rockman Cartridges? Total Knock Offs

Apparently, the Rockman 4 and RM5 gold cartridges from Yahoo! Auctions turned out to be duds. Nigoli won the auction for the seemingly rare copy RM5 only to discover it was nothing more than a simple paint job:"These Cartridges are definitely not the real deal, as far as it goes with being exclusive. It's basically some sort of simple paint job. The Cartridge I won had some Green spots still appearing just like the Original Famicom Cart Rockman 5 had. I suppose the novelty is nice so it's like it's Gold. It's not that Shiny reflective Gold you usually see on the event / promotional Golden Famicom Carts or FDS Disks."

Darn shame too as the gold edition of Rockman 4 is exceedingly rare--only eight copies exist. A legitmate gold version of Rockman 5 has yet to turn up to my knowledge.


  1. so this guy's sure it's a paint job and not just a rockman game stuck in a zelda cart with the rockman stickers pasted on? to be honest, that would be pretty cool anyway. oh well, at least he can be happy with having a look alike.

    it's a shame auction sites don't take more action against things like this though.

  2. DERP!!

    No offence, but this was almost predictable. I honestly can't imagine why anybody would really want to get rid of something like that.

  3. Predictable is right. Also, I'd be quite pissed off, especially since I remember them coming with a high price tag. I'd want my money back for those games, novelty or not!

  4. The second time RM5 was put up, I could tell it was a Fake with one of the photos on the Auction. The Tabs on the Top that were shown pretty much gave things away. I could see the Green.

    I'll probably end up still getting an original Rockman 5 Cartridge at some point along with 1~4, 6, and RockBoard. Still need to purchase a Twin Famicom.

  5. Is it a true KO? Or a dishonest seller? Considering the labels appear fine and the cart under the paint looks legit it might be a case where the seller (or origional owner) pulled a fast one.

  6. I know where three of the eight carts are. I think it would be pretty much impossible to get hold of the remaining five. In most likeliness the original owners still have them, or perhaps some people may have thrown them away no knowing they have nearly a 7000 dollar value.


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