Monday, April 20, 2009

Autographed Copy Of Mega Man 9 Press Kit Up For Bidding

If you've been holding out on Capcom-Unity's weekly auctions and raffles, you might want to invest your points now: an autographed copy of the Mega Man 9 press kit signed by series creator Keiji Inafune, is up for bidding.

"It's signed by Inafune-san himself. Beyond it being instantly far cooler than it already is, there's another wonderful part of this auction you're bound to love... We'll ship it internationally. That's right, so no matter where you live, we'll ship this Press Kit to you if you win. "

Commence bidding!


  1. There is also a Mega Man X candy pen up for auction.

  2. D'oh! It's either finally attempt to be active at Unity to spam up a boatload of points over the next few weeks, or just resign to the fact that there's somebody out there with 15,000 points who is gonna get it on the last day anyway. :/

    'Bout the only way I'd get one. Also wonder what they're up to now; say 1,000 total copies of that thing created? ;p

  3. Yeah, that is going to skyrocket in price, and they meant for it to do that. It is going to be up for auction for almost a month.

  4. About the only way I could have enough points to buy anything is to get capcom's credit card....their site is blocked at work and I don't have time at home to be on the forums....


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