Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rockman 9 No Longer A Wii Exclusive In Japan

Well here's a pleasant little surprise. Rockman 9's status of being a Wii exclusive title in Japan is no more; the game is off to XBLA this June. According to a press conference in Japan, Rockman 9 will join the ranks of 30 other games coming to the console in 2009.

Not much else to say than that :)

UPDATE: Famitsu reports RM9 is also on it's way to the Japanese Playstation Network.


  1. awesome news! selling 360 games in japan is a risky business decision though, because if the one guy in japan that owns a 360 doesn't want your game... well 0% sales.

  2. It was Wii exclusive in Japan? Didn't know that.

  3. @Kenichi340,

    Yes, it was only exclusive Wii in Japan until now.

  4. Not to be a fanboy, but I think wii-exclusive was nice...

  5. Why bother saying "Not to be a fanboy", if you're going to follow it up by doing exactly that Anon? The only person that could benefit from MM9 being Wii-exclusive is Nintendo. Gamers don't, Capcom doesn't, only Nintendo. Being available on all systems means more people can enjoy it, and there is a much wider base for sales for Capcom.

    I hadn't realised it was Wii exclusive in Japan, though. It'll be good for Japanese PS3/360 owners that don't have a Wii to be able to experience it now.

  6. I meant that I knew it would be seen as a fanboy-ish statement, when I'm not usually one to make those statements. Taken english language structure much? :P

    When you preface something with "Not to be ..." say, "Not to be a pessimist," the statement is still going to be that, but it's intended to show that you don't share the qualities of people who usually make such statements.

    Why does everyone pick apart every comment here?


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