Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Soft, Cuddly Rockman Plushies

Ebay brings us these lovable, huggable, seven inch Rockman plushies by Banpresto -- extremely rare UFO catcher prizes that were never sold in stores:

-Rockman and Rush bundle: starting bid of $49.95 , $12.00 shipping
-Rockman w/o Rush: "Buy it now" for $84.99, $11.00 shipping
-Blues: "Buy it now" for $89.99, $11.00 shipping

Not surprisingly, the Dr. Wily plush, said to be the rarest of all, is nowhere to be found. Occasionally, he pops up on Yahoo Auctions but even then he's runs for well over $80.00.

Adorable, just adorable.


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  2. Ah yeah, I've seen those around ebay for awhile now. Now if only the RockMan EXE 12" plush would come up on ebay... I've been looking for that thing for months now... >.<

  3. Augh, so expensive! I'd be willing to crochet some for cheaper than that...
    ...why have I not crocheted a classic series Mega Man yet?! Hm, hm...


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