Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tattooed Password Screen Goodness

Wow, just wow. Now this is what I call permanently inked gaming dedication. Adam over at Capcom-Unity posted this brand spanking new tattoo his friend got of Mega Man 2's password screen. The best part? That's a real working password. Do you know where it leads? Seasoned MM2 vets should know right off the bat...


  1. Well that's one way to remember it.

    I don't remember for sure, but it's probably the Wily Stage password.

  2. Tattoo is not safe and it is for stupid people.

    This picture is disgusting to me.

  3. Talk about dedication, ow....
    Pretty cool, maybe he should get this stage tatoo'd on him next.

  4. Wow, Anon1, that sure was a really nice thing to say.

  5. Moron. Everyone knows the real hardcore gamers use A5 B24 C135 D45 E2.

  6. "Tattoo is not safe and it is for stupid people.

    This picture is disgusting to me."

    You're a jerk off. They're plenty safe, if done properly. I don't have any, but I can at least respect them for the art that they are.

  7. Password screen? That's a new one on me! that guy. Whatever.

    I'd assume Wily Stage 1? Or Air Man after beating everyone else?

  8. @anon1:
    No offense but you're a dumbass. There is nothing unsafe about tattoos unless it's done with an unsterilized needle, which if you go to a respected tattoo parlor isn't the case.

    Anyway, I got 2 tattoos but I'd never get a Megaman or any game tattoo. It's like getting a tattoo of a name or brand imo, you don't know what's going to happen to it in the future, you never know if you'll keep loving that product/person forever.
    I don't really like this tattoo, it's very original but it doesn't really have any visual appeal. There are way better Megaman tattoos out there imo, like the Mega sketch with Leaf Shield.

  9. That's what I'd call a real fan. But as someone said above: time changes everything and we really don't know what will be our opinion about a determined stuff later on.

    Anyway, it sounds very cool, though I'm not courageous enough of having a tattoo.

  10. I also have a megaman tattoo. I've loved this character since I was 9 (now I'm 30) and I will never regret having it inked.

    Even though I have a full time job and game on PS3 I still play NES games from time to time.

  11. What of? Do you have a picture? I'd love to see it.


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