Monday, April 27, 2009

Even Nostradamus Saw This Coming: 'Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD' Announced

The Captivate 2009 embargo has lifted: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD is a-go! Courtesy of Kotaku:

"The game, which was developed for the PS3 and 360 by Foundation 9, will sell on the Playstation Network Store for $15 and on Xbox Live for 1,200 Microsoft Points.

During their event in Monte Carlo last week, Capcom said that a demo of the game will be coming to the Playstation Network on April 30 in North America and shortly thereafter in the UK. No demo for the 360 was announced.

It features an optional visual filter that smooths out the game's graphics and new online modes, including Ranked Matches and the Quarter matches found in Super Street Figher II Turbo HD Remix, which allows up to four people to watch and chat while two others fight.

The original, and this latest version, features 56 brawlers from the Capcom and Marvel universes. It also features 3 on 3 tag-teammatches and four button controls."

Are you as stoked as I am? More updates throughout the night!

UPDATE: After a brief blank screen scare and a server crash, the tu4ar countdown clock has ended revealing a...trailer!



  1. Hey, doesn't go live tonight?

  2. I was kinda hoping it would get the HD Remix treatment like Street Fighter, but I suppose that would take too long and be too expensive.
    I hear that Udon had to stop printing comics while they worked on SFIITHDR.
    This is going to be awesome, though the fact that unlockable characters are available from the start dissapoints me. I like unlocking characters. Gives the game more lasting appeal as it gives me something to work toward.

  3. No Wii version, not interested.

    You could have these "HD" remakes on the Wii. Maybe not in true HD resolution but the Wii could easily support any 2D graphics you throw at it. :P

  4. What is the point of this? Unless it has Mega Man or Mega Man characters, I don't know if this belongs here. I know it involves capcom, but this is the ROCKMAN corner.

  5. heh, 15 bucks eh? and online play to boot. who says downloadable games haven't changed the market? i mean, look at this!

    MVC2 HD: $15
    MVC2 Original: $60 and up for xbox

    Super Mario RPG (VC): $8
    Super Mario RPG (SNES): $30 and up

    now tell me, if you have high speed internet, which would you buy? and don't complain about controlers, either. the PS controler hasn't changed since the first dualshock, the Wii has the Classic controler, and the Xbox 360's controler is an upgrade all arround.

  6. @T:
    Rockman, Tron, Roll and the Kobuns have been prominent characters in all MvC titles.

  7. Grrr, they're holding back out precious Megaman! I want to know which variation they intend to use, I like EXE mostly, but please NOT Ryusei. It's not that I don't like Ryusei but Subaru is just not awesome enough to fight Spiderman.
    If I had to make a guess though it'll be X since classic was first and X is the second in the hierarchy.

  8. For some reason its easier for me to do +8 combos with Tron than with Rockman. And seeing as its gonna have online play I'm so gonna get it for XBLA.

  9. @Ngaurhoth1

    This is NOT a remake,this is a port.This game came out before even the zero series if I'm not mistaking.

  10. @Ngaurhoth1= It's going to be the same ones as in the first Marvel VS. Capcom 2. Tron, Rockman Classic, Roll, and the Kobuns. I HIGHLY doubt they'll change the chars in it.

  11. Wow, all the characters are available up front? Not too crazy about that, but I can deal. So which version are those of you who own a PS3 and 360 going to buy.


  13. I don't like it. Look at them fight in the air then back on the ground. I prefer Street Fighter 4 a lot better. I will skip it!

  14. It's a shame Rockman and Jill look so horrendous in that pin-up. Everyone else looks amazing...

    MVC2 came out when we only had three Rockman incarnations (Classic, X, and DASH). However, we didn't get any X characters... Rockman and Roll return from the first MVC (and their movesets include cameos from Rush, Eddie, and Beat), and Tron and Kobun make their debut in the sequel.

    Roll was the only secret character in the first MVC with unique sprites although her moveset emulated Rockman's. She was also deemed one of the weakest characters, being so small and lightweight, but Kobun has taken that title now: he IS the game's ultimate joke character (far surpassing even the likes of Dan Hibiki). Although he's so incredibly tiny that it's nearly impossible to hit him at times, his attacks do barely any damage at all and have miniscule range.

    But when you get the hang of little Kobun, it's fun to wipe out the likes of Sentinel and Blackheart with the little lego man. When I'm feeling couragous, I like to take down my foes with a Kobun/Roll/Dan team.

  15. It's too bad I already have it on the DC & have no interest in going out of my way to get this HD version.

  16. Anonymous said...
    I don't like it. Look at them fight in the air then back on the ground. I prefer Street Fighter 4 a lot better. I will skip it!
    Wha? Hello? That game is not a Street Fighters style. This is a Marvel vs Capcom style.

  17. @Anon 3

    The Wii already has Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and that was way superior to MvC2

  18. I second that. The Versus series is NOT Street Fighter. It is very fast-paced and insane and, in my opinion, far more interesting.

  19. Also the Wii doesnt have the size for that. It'd have to come out as a disk.

  20. Yes, if it were compressed wisely it would work. Those textures would only need to be hi-res enough for what the Wii can handle, and even the most crude compression would be enough. Very easily the Wii could support this. (Provided they don't have unnecessarily-large textures designed for 1080p)


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