Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Purchase Mega Man 9 On Amazon

...sort of

Today, Amazon launched a new service allowing customers to purchase Xbox Live Arcade games through their store. Instead of purchasing an actual game, customers are paying for redeemable game codes which they have to enter into their 360 to download the game.

Mega Man 9 is among the lot, retailing for its regular XBLA price of $10.00 USD. Same game, different method of obtaining it.

Read more about the new service at Joystiq.


  1. pretty good idea i have to say

  2. Kind of an unnecessary middle step IMO. I mean, you have to have a credit card to buy from Amazon. But I guess if you didn't want to buy wii points or Live points in increments, it'd be good.

  3. Actually I have two thoughts on it, one is that it would be nice if you had a coupon or percent off or something with Amazon. Bad thing is if you have to pay tax with Amazon (like we do)

  4. Why? Seems like just another one of Amazon's fingers in another pie.

  5. Umm.. No thanks. Rockman 9 was meant to be for Wii in Japan. Here in the America, they released for three consoles is ridiculous to my opinion.


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