Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace Box Art *UPDATE*

Wal-Mart's online store has updated their MMSF3 Black Ace pre-order page to include the game's box Art. Spiffy, isn't it? Pretty much identical to its Japanese counterpart -- no complaints here! Notably, Red Joker's box art is nowhere to be seen.

Thanks for the tip Kyouya Garyuu!

UPDATE: The ESRB has officially added a product description:

Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace

Platform: Nintendo DS

Rating: Everyone

Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Rating summary: This is a role-playing action game featuring characters and elements from the Mega Man franchise. Characters use "battle cards" to defeat robots/aliens on 3D fields in turn-based combat. When characters are hit, a quick burst of light signifies damage. During one cutscene, a boy and a girl are being held prisoner, restrained by a laser-like force field. In another scene, a character uses the derogatory word scumbags to describe the enemies.

Since when is "scumbag" a derogatory term?


  1. Cool. I still don't know which version to get...Red Joker or Black Ace...

  2. That one actually looks pretty nice. I look forward to seeing what Red Joker looks like.

  3. Wow that's a really stupid reason to give it that rating....>.>

  4. MMBN2 was riddled with actual curse words ("damn," "hell"), involved scenarios like the strong implications that Arashi died from a briefcase bomb, various bomb-threats on dams, an 11-year-old boy getting kidnapped and mugged in a foreign country, or most importantly, the fact Gauss hijacked an airplane (MMBN2 releasing a mere nine months after the September 11 attacks occurred).

    But now that I know MMSF3 uses the word "scumbag," I may not be able to sleep at night. This is borderline AO-content.

  5. o_o Derogatory doesn't necessarily mean a curse word. XD It means anything... derogatory. :P Scumbag is obviously derogatory.

    Weird and random description.

  6. Still over two months away...the waiting has been killing me since I finished MMSF2 back last mid-July!

    And from everything I've heard, Black Ace is a lot better than Red Joker, so I'll probably go with that.


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