Friday, April 24, 2009

White Cards Coming Stateside

It appears Capcom is taking the liberty of implementing the "White Card system" in Mega Man Star Force 3 after all. According to the official site:Notably, the "bonus area menu" is currently unavailable at this time. Maybe it'll open up closer to SF3's release.


  1. to be honest, if they didnt implement it to us, then that would have been a good feature lost.

    I wonder if the'll do the special ones that were released in japan, and if they come with the games (the ones with Atomic Blazer and i think it is Meteor Light Barrage)

  2. Hopefully we'll get the other cards to such as the sattelite bros, the noise codes, the rezon cards and the power up mod ability cards as well although I wouldn't mind if they just released a book of it like they did with sf2's wave command card kit. Seeing as how you could filter those who use noise kaizou on wifi, there really shouldn't be any problem with having to worry about others abusing it online.

  3. No.


    Whites Cards are only for DSLite!!

    Where is my DSi love?


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