Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, About That MMSF3 Gameplay Footage

Consider this case closed:
A simple copy/paste. Turn off annotations in the original video to see a little bit of the Japanese logo. In addition,Craig brought this to my attention:
"The creator of the video is a friend of mine, and if I know him, he is good at hacking and video editing. Now from what I've seen here is called Keyframing(something to put an image over a video), he used Sony Vegas along with probably good old paint to edit this, along with playing Ryuusei no Rockman 3 on an emulator.

Notice the intro's flaw in not being copyrighted to Nintendo and the intro "fades slowly" and seems just too high quality for an intro. He must have moved and replaced(after editing an image of the black ace title)with the english title using keyframing or maybe a gif animator. And he recorded the emulator playing the rom, taking the video and replacing it as audio under his new title, something quite simple to do.

I noticed their is no such thing as Plasma Gun1, he keyframed a new battle card bar under over the video in just the right placement, that new image was edited from probably picturing the battle card bar and edited with sprite textures of the english text from sprites of sprites inc I'm guessing. Also it would be really hard for him to do the story thats why it skipped to a battle he just put in there, the deletion time status is also wrong as you can see it seems badly put in if it were in the game."

Many thanks to Craig and Kyouya Garyuu.


  1. No problem Protodude, I hope this helps everyone undercover this gameplay video. I couldn't be more positive myself that this is not the actual game, Tayo isn't high up with Capcom and I believe does not have the tools to do such as shown, he said it is a rom. Like I told you, this is probably all video editing by keyframing, picture placement, etc.
    I doubt their was any hacking involved with this.
    Probably just a late april fools prank Tayo had wrapped up and didn't have enough time to finish it for saids date.

  2. More like sloppy-paste.

  3. Even though this is confirmed fake, I could see Capcom making that sort of mistake in thier logo after that hilarious IGN symbol they had on the Okami box art for a little bit.

  4. Fake is not very appreciate. *mad*

  5. These videos are going in the trash.

  6. As I've said, I've carried out and got rid of them. I didn't know you guys didn't want to see what Mega Man Star Force 3 will look like... I'm not saying it was fake or real... Now, I'm going to debate whether I'll make more videos on youtube anymore......... Just forget this all happened. Please don't respond to this.


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