Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eddie Lebron Wants Your Questions!

Eddie Lebron, director of the upcoming Mega Man film project, is taking your questions! In a recent blog post, the director claims he's ready and willing to answer any sort of question related to the film. Take heed, this Q&A session won't last forever:
"Within the next 7 days, post your questions! All questions after 7 days will have to be saved for another time."
Don't delay, ask today!

In other Lebron MM news, the director talked a little about this film's ending which has been slightly modified from the original script to fit more in tune with the source material:
"The ending of the film has been modified to be more faithful to game. Without giving much away, one element from a later game was incorporated to the end of the film but after much thought, I thought it would be better to change one or two things in the editing and visual effects to modify this and please myself and other fans alike. Upon release, I shall reveal what change was made!"

Hmm, I wonder what it could be?

In closing, Lebron once again emphasized his intent to have the film ready by July 4th, 2009. Apparently, the coming weeks will be crucial to the film's deadline.Best of luck Eddie!


  1. My guess on the ending would be Protoman saving Megaman at the very end, like in 3. :P

  2. lol being faithful to the game

  3. My guess is out of business because I dont like this movie. They looks so wrong, man.

  4. He's trying to generate interest with the "end changed" teaser, but it's not really working on me. OOOoooo, big deal.

  5. I agree with anon 3 this movie sucks it should be animated since we are talking about an animated,cartoony game into a movie come on Keiji Inafune never wanted Rockman to be live did he?In my opinion if the movie was animated it shoould be much more like how the cartoon was like!!!

  6. He can change whatever he wants, it's still going to be a bad movie.

    I know it's fan made and all, but they could've used something more than just bicycle protection pads for Mega Man's armor.

  7. Pretty much the only problem I have with it is that everyone looks too old. (Not Wiley and Light, really. They could stand to look older, in fact.)

  8. I saw the fan made such as Batman The Dead End.. That's one I approved and it was awesome.

    If they know what they are doing like Batman The Dead End then it will rocks but they don't know how and it is still going to bad. Dont waste your time. Please give up, thanks.

  9. I shall now translate most of the posts above mine.


    Thank you,and good night.

  10. A Rockman live action isn't do-able. A cartoon is possible, but you know the thrill.

  11. Live Action Megaman?

    Bad Movie. Bad move.

    Disgrace to Megaman Fans.

    We need Animated or CG Megaman better than Live Action Megaman.

    Why? Being Live Action Megaman is most shame, embarrass, and crappy movie in the history.

  12. One of these anonymouses keeps pretending to be at least three different people. Can you spot them?


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