Friday, April 3, 2009

Rockman 3 Re-released Onto Japanese Mobile Phones

As of yesterday, Rockman 3 is now available on SoftBank and EZweb equipped mobiles phones in Japan.

The latest release is "3G friendly" complete with new features such as a new difficulty level and a sound test mode where you can listen to all sorts of sound effects and BGMs from the game. Other than that, it's a pretty bare bones port of the Famicom classic.

Rockman 3 can be purchased for the small price of 315 Yen ($3.50)


  1. Too bad the picture shown here is from MegaMan 2.

  2. How many times have these been rereleased? O_o

  3. uh I'm 100% sure that snakeman is from MegaMan 3, I don't see any MegaMan 2 Pictures.

  4. I think anon 1 means the cover art in the site, it's from MM2.


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