Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rumor: Captive 2009 Brings No MM News

Now that the "day 1" embargo has lifted, a tipster claims that Mega Man's presence at Captivate was pretty much non existent. He writes:

-Star Force 3 wasn't at the event, supposedly being saved till E3 2009 in early June. No press release, no trailer. Nothing.

-Although Inafune was present, he mainly covered Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2, answering questions from the press. Not once spoke of Mega Man.

These claims might hold true as several gaming sites have yet to report anything Mega Man related.

Thanks, Tom.


  1. It's an American event, isn't it?

    That kinda makes sense then, since Megaman starts as Rockman which starts in Japan. :P

  2. Duh! cuz the event talking about new MM games usually comes from Japan event first.

  3. I realize this, what we were expecting was something related to SF3, that is all.

  4. Well the post sure sounded like you were expecting something other than Star Force 3. :P

  5. Just got a mailer daemon when trying to send this through e-mail, so I guess I'll just do it like this - feel free to decline this comment and post the included news as a blog post.

    Anyway, I ran into the following on Twitter:


  6. well, not all bad, we now may know when we will get some info, so unfortunately we will just have to wait...


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