Monday, April 13, 2009

Mega Man-ish Character Sponsers 'Gillette Game Room'

How popular is Mega Man's image? Popular enough to spawn a knock off by Gillette, makers of countless shaving products.

Pictured is what appears to be a Mega Man inspired character sponsoring a sweepstakes at the "Gillette Game Room", a website designed to provide gamers with "exclusive news, strategy guides, and features."

Thanks for the tip, Trike.


  1. X?? Metroid?? IMITATION???? MY EYES!!

  2. YIKES. And I thought the Atom redesign was hard on the eyes. Poor X!

  3. Well this is.... ummmmmm interesting... to say the least.

    I cant get past it being a crappy X ripp off to be honest <_<

  4. Technically this is the second time X has sponsored a shaveing product.

    Anyone remember the Goo Shaver from X five.

    Which raises the question can X grow a beard?

  5. It's basically a white recolor of X with Megaman Zero briefs.

  6. Haha, I remember this.


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