Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Satellite Server Findings

MegaRock was able to dig around the US Star Force 3 website, accessing a few pages from the Satellite Server which have yet to be "published." In other words, the Satellite Server lists these pages as "coming soon" but the SWF for each is accessible, thus enabling us to see a few things Capcom doesn't want us knowing about yet.

The secret pages contain advance information on Black Ace, Red Joker and Rogue Noise forms. Click on the respective links to check them out.


  1. You can even see how Capcom doesn't have use of spell check.

    DEATILS ftw.

  2. Silly thing I noticed that isn't important at all, but clicking the 'Visualize Predictor' opens up the bit about the '"Rogue" Protector' and the other way around.

    Either way, it's awesome to see them put this much attention into the smaller details.

  3. It's Rogue XD Why does everyone say Rouge? XD That's make-up (if I remember correctly) XD

  4. It's never occurred to me before this how much that design puts me in mind of the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam.


  5. Looks like Cpapcom never skips on the deatils.

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