Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mega Man Site Gets Makeover, Satellite Server In English

Today, Capcom updated the official Mega Man homepage in an attempt to hype up Mega Man Star Force 3's North American, June 30th, 2009 release.

The updated site contains lots of SF3 information, all of which taken directly from the original Japanese site. Oh, and best of all, the Satellite Server, one of the main features of the Japanese page, has been translated entirely into english. Tickle me impressed.

Now, anybody care to try out the Japanese Satellite Server codes?


  1. LOL, they give the same codes on there even. Way to give away almost everything with a "Coming Soon" label. Sadly though, it looks like we know Shidou's translated name will be...


    ...excuse me? WHAT?! Well, at least he's still Acid Ace. Other than that button which says "ADIC ACE." Go typical CoA grammar problems. :/ I'm looking at you, Mr. Negativity Seth Killian.

    Regardless of the usual stupidity, nice to see the whole thing brought over into English.

  2. If you can't see the codes in the 1st page, it's because the screen resolution is too small to show all content. Press F11 to see better. The first code is 464969 and the second is 395656.

    Fun fact:
    Cygnus Wings's "Cygnets" are called "underlings" in the Japanese version.

  3. That's hardly a makeover. XD Just a new front picture option...

  4. That is one sexy, sexy little website! I enjoyed navigating it. X3 Makes me want to check out the game- I like the concepts, even if they are sort of implausible.

  5. Looks like mmsf3 will have white cards that seem to like wave command cards. download able from the capcom site.

  6. I have to say, Capcom USA have put some effort into it, which is cool, but there are quite alot of mistakes like mega rock.exe pointed ouyt, that one made me laugh :)
    Cheers Capcom, Proto.

    and A.C Eos? whats up with that?

  7. oh and it just so happens A.C Eoas spells out ACE O/S, LOL.
    sorry if that was obvious

  8. @Anonymous 1: To be specific, they were called "Shitappa." E.G. Birdbots. I think it's a lot more of a fun fact that way.

  9. well i sspy with my little eye that waxa has been changed to waza


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