Sunday, April 12, 2009

RUMOR - Capcom Announcing Two New Games At Captivate

And here comes our first batch of Captivate rumors! According to Giant Bomb's recent "bombcast", Capcom just might announce two new titles during the event:

"On the Giant Bomb podcast, the Capcom guys said they were announcing at least two games: one would get everyone very excited and be a big surprise; the other would not surprise anyone (an expected sequel in other words). "

My bet? the "expected sequel" will be Mega Man 10 while the huge surprise will be...well, there's a lot of contenders for that. I leaning towards the possibility of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 HD Remix (leaked a while back) or maybe a full blown MvC3 -- both of which will have some MM love.

Captivate '09 kicks off April 29th.

News credit: NeoGaf


  1. It's too early for MM10... I'm thinking IF that one appears, it will be a long while yet.

    Sequel's RnR4. As for the surprise... your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Yay, so now I have two upcoming dates to look forward to in the world of gaming news--April 16th for details on the FFXIII demo, and April 29th for Captivate '09. Of course, it's very, very likely that no Mega Man game will be revealed at all. =S


  4. "It's too early for MM10..."

    The heck it is.

    Capcom used to pop these games out like gangbusters when they were selling well on the NES.

    With a downloadable structure like MM9 that has seen success thats alot cheaper to produce and sell, you can better believe they wouldn't think twice about gearing up for MM10 if Inafune and the development team are ready to proceed with it.

    Sequel burn out hasn't been a issue for Capcom before with Mega Man and various franchises, don't expect it to stop them now.

  5. Surely if it WAS a Megaman 10, there would have been SOME sort of leak about it by now

  6. The game plan is hardly the same as it was in the NES days... I don't think people would eat up an 8bit MM10 as fast as they did MM9. No, Capcom's smarter than that. They'll either wait a bit and release MM10 8bit later, or do MM10 differently--2.5D or something. I don't think we're going to see a continued "popping-out" of classic sequels, and I bet Capcom's hesitant to jump into the double digits. People will start realizing how many Megaman games there are.

    This is all speculation though, and I'm no seasoned industry expert, so it could be as you say.

  7. I'm willing to bet that the expected one is MM10 or X9. The surprise could really be anything, but I'd bet it's MvC2 HD Remix. Either way, I'm expecting SOMETHING MM-related.

    We have no new titles announced as of now other than MMSF3, which was released in Japan last year. It would make sense to announce a new MM title. Street Fighter IV came out two months ago, Resident Evil 5 just came out, and Bionic Commando will be out soon. It has to be MM or Devil May Cry.

  8. Captivate is an English event, right? In that case the 'expected' sequel might just be a translation of Gyakuten Kenji (Ace Attorney spinoff). A trademark by Capcom for "Ace Attorney Investigations" showed up a few weeks back, so if they are just announcing a translation, it seems likely, given the success of the series.

    If it's meant to be global and not English, then disregard that, but if it is more focused on English-speaking markets, it's what jumped to mind.

  9. NO. No MegaMan 10. Too soon. They'll fall prey to what was ruining the series in the first place if they do another 8 bit retro one.

    Make a MegaMan X9 with SNES 16 bit graphics


    How about some more Maverick Hunter X and Powered Up sequels Capcom? Hm? Hmmmmmm?

  10. Here's my guesses, high-to-low chances:

    - Tatsunoko vs Capcom (USA)
    - Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD Remix
    - Mega Man Legends 3
    - Mega Man Star Force 4
    - Mega Man 10
    - Mega Man X9
    - A new Mega Man franchising (NDS?)
    - Mega Man EXE (spin off)

    OK, perhaps not only Mega Man in mind. Since I'm a bit away of other hot titles, here's my guesses.

  11. MegaMan Legends 3 for F*cks SAKE!!!


  12. I'm waiting, just waiting, for MML3. It will come. I just hope it will be in this generation for the Wii, because we don't often invest money in the newest generation of consoles, and I don't know if I'll be able to get a console next generation...

  13. Here's hoping for Mega Man ZX 3. It's past due.

  14. OK, guys, seriously. Let's look at Capcom's track record when it comes to the Mega Man franchise, especially in recent years. You guys are giving them FAR too much credit.

    We just got Clock Genius, and now word of an "expected sequel."

    We're getting a fourth friggin Star Force. It's as clear as the sky above us.

  15. Sequel?
    Megaman Starforce 4

    Cadillacs & Dinosaurs HD Remix

  16. I doubt the expected one is Starforce 4, those always get announced in Coro Coro first.
    Maybe MM10 but only if it's 8bit again, the development time for a 2.5D game between finishing MM9 and now is too short.

    I bet one of the two will be TvC, they did say how much they'd like to bring that to the states.

  17. To all the MM10 naysayers:

    SHUT UP and stop throwing around useless terms like "retro" or retro-styled. MM10 was simply what Inafune always claimed it was, a continuation of the Mega Man series from where it left off in the NES era. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the classic era of Mega Man (remember, until recently 6 out of 8 Mega Man games were 8-bit and the 7th was originally planned for the NES) was the most popular with fans. Making it 8-bit wasn't a gimmick. If they made the next one 16-bit or 32-bit, THEN it would start looking like a gimmick, which is why to save face they should continue with the 8-bit style for now.

    I want Mega Man 10. Anyone who thinks it's too early to have another classic series Mega Man game to play probably isn't really a Mega Man fan.

  18. Um, yes, that's the definition of gimmick. They purposefully went backwards to get more people to buy it. Gimmick. Not a bad gimmick, but a gimmick.

  19. I'd like it to be a MM game, but I really don't see it happening. As for MMSF4, ZX3 or Legends3, I doubt it, there would have been something leaked before now. I think it's pretty safe to say it won't be anything megaman related.


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