Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Bleep Bloop' Talks Mega Man


  1. Hmm...I like Bleep Bloop, now. Cool little net show. XD

  2. Nice video here. I love their commentary about how masochistic the classic series can be at times, and yet these guys pretty much blow through some of the stages (like Magnet Man's).

    There are also some nice observations that I never really thought of, such as the fact that since you can choose from different stages at the start, there is no "1st stage" and thus the difficulty has to be nice and balanced. No stage is necessarily harder than the others, they just present different challenges.

    I'd like to see their thoughts on some of the other Rockman series, but this was highly enjoyable.

  3. if you ever play megaman anniversary collection with friends you will have this conversation.


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