Friday, April 24, 2009

RUMOR: "Keep An Eye Out On TGS, No MM News At E3"

SuperMega233 came in contact with a "reliable employee" from Capcom USA who was very happy to add a little clarification to Seth Killian's recent statement regarding future Mega Man games. The source, believe it or not, comes from a thread over at 4chan. Now, before you call foul, be aware that the information sounds highly reasonable, that and according to 4channers, the source has been known to leak accurate tidbits regarding Resident Evil 5 a month before release. As of this writing , the topic is still available for viewing here or if it should vanish, here's a snapshot of the topic (big file, foul language). "!LzBMKg3XnU" is the source's tag:

"In response to Seth Killian's statement: 'You'll be waiting a while"

Anonymous (!LzBMKg3XnU):

-Pretty much that, Capcom Japan doesn't reveal things to us very often, they're very secretive so I would just keep an eye out at Tokyo Game Show, we won't have any MM related news at E3 09'.

-Capcom Japan is where all the "secrets" & "hidden projects" are kept at. Capcom USA, we're usually told about them either right before they announce it, or sometimes they don't even tell us what they're about to announce and surprise us too. So they're an unpredictable bunch believe it or not. We don't have direct access to all their internal projects as some people may think companies do.

-The only internal chat here in the USA office is just us wondering ourselves when Capcom Japan is going to announce a new MM game and send us information regarding them. "

Well what do you know; even Capcom USA is unaware of what CJ is cooking. Interesting... Well, as for the Tokyo Game Show statement, we definitely do have a bit of a wait ahead of us: TGS 2009 is scheduled to run from September 24th - 27th 2009.

Grains of salt friends, grains of salt.

Thanks, SuperMega233.


  1. Actually, that makes complete sense. Capcom of Japan is where the magic happens, and a game could be quite a bit underway before the U.S. office would hear anything about it (especially since CoJ would have to decide whether or not they were even going to release the game outside of Japan before talking, at least in any great detail, with Capcom USA).

    Once again, good work!

  2. Neat, can't wait for it.

  3. Hmm, very interesting. Grain of salt!

  4. I am not exciting at all until they reveal it. I dont want to be high hope at all.

  5. Everyone knows CoJ makes all the decisions and CoA and CoE just release games in their respective territory.
    Not in that entire thread did the poster say anything that the average kid couldn't pull out of his ass. It is a 4chan thread after all, that alone should state "DO NOT TRUST!".

  6. I agreed with Snap!

    And "Do not trust" too!

  7. Anonymous from the other comments here. That's the 'source' I was talking about. He's been proved right before, hence my dropping off of info in the comments.

    Fairly logical.

  8. Yes, I can attest that Japanese companies are VERY much like that with their USA counterparts. Japanese business in general is very secretive, tightlipped, etc, especially when dealing with foreigners. There's always a level of distrust there, so like Brahman said, it makes sense that the USA office would be kept in the dark until the announcement.

  9. Capcom is hiding "a lot", but leaking "a lot" too.

  10. Please, these 'leaks' are the greatest word-of-mouth building tools that these gaming companies have.

    I am a bit disheartened to hear that CoA is not fully privvy to CoJ's operations; this explains the out-of-whack marketing and timetable implementational foulups.


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