Friday, April 24, 2009

Udon Announces ZX and Original Series Manga

Alongside announcing details for Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man X Official Complete Works (click for cover art), Udon revealed plans to translate and distribute Rockman ZX and unspecified original series Rockman manga in the fall:
"Also this fall from UDON comes new Mega Man manga brought to you straight from Japan! Initial titles will focus on the adventures of the original Mega Man and also Mega Man ZX, the latest addition to the core Mega Man universe. More details on these and other titles will be coming soon."
Nerdgasm! "adventures of the original Mega Man?" Megamix perhaps? Good lord, that would be a dream come true.

The rest of the press release is as follows:

"With more than 100 video games in the Mega Man series, the blue bomber is one of the most iconic figures of gaming. Over the past 20 years the diminutive blue robot has been at the head of Capcom’s most popular franchise. Now UDON has expanded the studio’s relationship with the property, and is gearing up to bring new Mega Man art books and manga to English readers.

Arriving Fall 2009, the Mega Man goodness begins with Mega Man: Official Complete Works. This 200 page book showcases 20 years of artwork from the classic and most well-known version of the hero, covering the core Mega Man games as well as little-known spinoffs and even rarer Japan-only titles. Fans will enjoy loads of designs of all their favorite characters like Proto Man, Dr. Wily, Roll, Rush, Bass & Treble and, of course, piles of evil robot bosses! Also within are never before seen rough sketches, rare promo artwork, and commentary from Capcom creators.

Shipping a few months later is Mega Man X: Official Complete Works. This artbook focuses on the original Mega Man’s successor, Mega Man X, who’s unique style and fast paced adventures have made him nearly as popular as his classic counterpart. Here fans will get to see all the dynamic designs of characters like heroes Zero & Axl, deadly villains Sigma & Vile, and all the wild robotic animal men who love to cause trouble for X and his crew!"

Man, I'm going to be spending a lot on books this fall.

News Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. YAY for ZX manga!

    And it looks like Dr Wily snuck over to the X cover.

  2. I saw the word "announce" and the letters "ZX" in the same post title and I about had a heart attack out of joy...but this is good, too. XD

  3. Personally I've never been too much for manga, so it's not that much of a "Mega"ton (oh god did I really just make that pun) for me.

    Still, it's nice we're finally getting some previously JP-only merchandise.

  4. Never mind ZX (though that's also cool)!

    "Initial titles will focus on the adventures of the original Mega Man" -- which manga? Does this mean we might get the Ariga manga?

    Too much to hope, or no?

  5. what about Rockman X manga???

    bu.. I'm sad. .___.

  6. I'm looking into exactly which original Mega Man we can expect to see...

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  7. Aww no Rockman X, Well I'll still wanna get the Mega Man X Official Complete Works

  8. Why the surprise of Wily being in the cover? He's mentioned indirectily several times in the X series, is in Zero's dream from X4 and flashback in X5, his logo appear in the last X5 stages, and in the X5 opening, the name "Wily" appears in the lower left of the part with several letters and Zero in the middle.

  9. Woohoo! More Mega man mangas to go alongside my NT Warrior mangas!

  10. Finally!!!! Something new from ZX... even if it is just a Manga. Maybe this might spark them to do a 3rd ZX game.

  11. We could either get Ariga's Megamix or Ikehara's mangaizations--either way, that's freaking AWESOME.

    Unless it'll negatively affect Rockman Tanjou...

  12. Freaking. FINALLY!!

    ... *shuffles feet* ...thanks, Capcom/UDON!!! <3

  13. Kyaaaa~! Megamix!! Oh, I hope that's what they're talking about!!


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