Monday, July 18, 2011

Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled

Wow. Just wow. Capcom has pulled the plug on Mega Man Legends 3. I've no words. Read Greg's announcement here:

"We'd like to thank you for your ongoing loyal support of Mega Man Legends 3. Today, however, we must regrettably announce the discontinuation of this project.

From the outset the MML3 Project was intended to give gamers across the world insight and input into the development process. Part of this process includes an assessment of whether the title will go into full production, and is based on a number of criteria with input from different sectors of the company.

Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria, and it is with regret that we must announce that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project has been cancelled, meaning that Capcom will not be releasing the Prototype or the full game. Additionally, updates of the Mega Man Legends Developer Room will cease as of today, though the North American Developer Room and its forums will remain open indefinitely.

We can only express our deepest apologies to all of you who have lent us your unending support, including participation in the Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Room. On behalf of the entire Legends team, please accept our sincere apology for failing to meet the expectations of the fans.

We thank you all so much for your extended support of this title and this community, and we hope that you will continue to support the Mega Man franchise as well as other Capcom games."

If you've any questions, please see the official FAQ at the Devroom.


  1. I hang up my hat.

    I'm never buying another product from them again.

  2. I'm not usually one for boycotts, but I would strongly urge everyone I knew to never buy another Capcom game again. This is too much.

  3. Capcom is dead to me. I will never look at the company the same again.

  4. "Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria..."

    Oh wow. No. This whole thing is just. Wow. Not even going to release the prototype version as planned or anything. And I really hate it when they don't go into detail when they release this information. What criteria!? Nope. Let's just beat around the bush and not full explain shit like we should herp derp.

    Like this day wasn't shit enough already get to come home and read this. : /

  5. I'm not usually one for boycotts, but I would strongly urge everyone I could to never buy another Capcom game again. This is too much.

  6. It's official: Mega Man is dead.

  7. HeatMan was right to worry : (

    They seriously are killing off Mega Man.

  8. Capcom Omega tier trolls.

  9. I could maybe understand this decision if the prototype was a flop, but they didn't even give it a chance.

    Someone people high up must have been looking for reasons to can this since day 1.

  10. You know what? Capcom can go die in a fire.

  11. Wow. This is really hard to swallow.

    I always believed MegaMan was an important franchise to Capcom, but it's very hard to keep believing this after the cancellation of both games this year.

    As a lifelong Capcom fan, not only am I personally very disheartened, but I know there will be lots of fans who will never forgive this. I always spoke well of the MegaMan brand, in all its iterations, and defended Capcom's judgement and decisions for years. But this is going to be extremely difficult.

  12. We should do the snail mail anyway. Even if Capcom says it has no plans to restart the project, we can use the snail-mail to show them that people really were interested, maybe they'd re-think the decision! We should still do the snail mail, I'm planning on doing it anyway.

  13. do the snail mail thing

  14. Boycotting seems like a good idea.

  15. Well, the Legends 3 rally now has a cause now.

    Regardless, Capcom's dead to me. Infaune left with what quality Capcom had left in it.

  16. Before MegaMan 9 came out, I looked at the current state of the franchise and saw a wasteland of mediocrity that shamed it's former glory.

    Battle Network had worn out it's welcome, StarForce was a lesser version of that.

    MegaMan Zero tried to be classic but it was weighed down by too many gimmicks and poor design choices, MegaMan ZX was a lesser version of that.

    Then came Legends 3. I can honestly say I wasn't excited for this title especially since it was announced for the dubious 3DS.

    Without Inafune, it was only a matter of time before Capcom took a hatchet to all things bearing the name MegaMan. MM games have always demanded some degree of quality and Capcom only wants to make two types of games:

    1.) Graphically-overhauled PS3 friendly games with so-called "mature" themes.

    2.) Re-re-re-releases of classic (or recent) games. A Pokemon-esque approach to essentially printing their own money with little-to-no expense.

    Games certainly have hit an ugly patch with almost nothing of significance on the horizon, far be it for Capcom not to fully embrace that creative ennui.

  17. Megaman seems to have gone down since MMBN 6.

  18. Wow...I stand corrected from my previous comment.

    I know they have people who analyze and crunch the numbers to find out if a product is going to be profitable or not but...Goddammit, Capcom! They make and release bombs like Bionic Commando and Dark Void but they cancel MEGA MAN?

  19. Remember guys it's still ok because Capcom says the franchise isn't dead!

    Just like they said they were still making Universe.

    Just like they said they were still making Legends 3.

    Everything will be FINE.

  20. What are they talking about, failing to meet the criteria? They didn't even give the game a fair chance to prove itself with the demo.
    And what about all the fan-interaction? There were only like, half a dozen polls and contests.
    Let's pick a new girl character, let's design a new reaverbot boss, let's re-design MegaMan!
    What, were they asleep or something when the voting was going on?

    As someone who is not even really a fan of Legends, I am beyond disgusted with Capcom right now. There was no real basis for this, aside from economic paranoia, or general disinterest in the series, maybe even the franchise. I don't know which is worse.

  21. Mark "Marcoos" McAllisterJuly 18, 2011 at 8:59 PM

    This just gives me no hope for anything in life anymore, way to make me feel even crappier than i already was!
    If they stop Layton vs Ace Attorney too, i'll just die.

  22. I am utterly disappointed in Capcom, to get us all hyped for a long awaited sequel to a great series and then pull the plug. Wow, that's all I gotta say.

  23. You gotta be kidding me.

    Capcom just made a lot of people mad.

  24. Never again am I buying anything Capcom. NEVER AGAIN.

  25. Support the Mega Man franchise? What Mega Man franchise? Can anyone honestly expect it to keep going forward? It's very hard for me to wrap my head around it.

  26. On the bright side everyone we can all look forward to the Mega Man comic by Archie comics with it's horrendous pacing.

    This is seriously what the franchise has been reduced to, an awful Archie comic.

  27. "Unfortunately it was not felt that the Mega Man Legends 3 Project met the required criteria"

    They probably said amongst themselves: "Oh, we didn't sell any copies of the Prototype we didn't release, so no one must be interested"....

    Unfortunately, they probably only approved of the game to appease Inafune, and with him gone, they didn't care about it anymore.

    Anyhow, I'm sure we'll get our venting done at Otakon next week...

  28. We thank you all so much for your extended support of this title and this community, and we hope that you will continue to support the Mega Man franchise as well as other Capcom games."

    **** off, Capcom. I'm never buying another game from you ever again if you continue like this.

  29. I knew it! I just knew it!!! It's all your fault! YOUR FAULT!!! >_<

  30. Did anybody else buy a 3ds just for the prototype and game? I sure did.

  31. Two MegaMan games cancelled in one year. Good goin, Capcom!

  32. "Legends will never die". Well shit.

  33. I love Mega Man but I don't love Capcom anymore. They have disappointed me so much lately and this is just taking the nail gone excessively to the coffin. I'm done with Capcom games. They really don't understand their fans anymore.

  34. Well, I am very disappointed, I admit. Especially since Legends 3 was pretty much the only thing currently from Capcom that I was looking forward to, because most of their other line-up is not that all interesting to me.

    Will this make me boycott Capcom or the 3DS? No. I still would like to get a 3DS and I'll still be interested in what else Capcom might propose in the future. Yes I have gotten ticked off at Capcom for their past mistakes, and this one, but it won't be enough for me to just leave the company. Besides, boycotting would do nothing.

    I am more disappointed in all of that work going to waste than anything.

    Actually, I'm most certain that Inafune is THE most disappointed person ever now, especially given how he went on that L3 was "the" game that he wanted to exist. I feel so bad for him now...

  35. I normally am not for boycotting or any of that sort, but this hits close to home. Capcom didn't even give MML3 the chance it deserves. I say we bombard Capcom with messages asking to release it. This is honestly the worst video game news I've heard in....ever?

  36. ...Are you serious?


    I don't have much to say to you right now. I've been looking at you with a hopeful discontent the past few years with your lack of support for the gaming love of my life. Mega man IS my life, and I need more. Unfortunately, it seems the day I can jump into a brand new experience will never happen again.

    Simply put, Capcom, my once favorite developer since childhood, I hate you.

    I hate you, Capcom. I truly do. Get the hell out of my life and never come back.

    With hatred and discontent for your business strategies,

    I miss you Keiji Inafune.

  37. Well, fuck it. I can openly say it now.

    The franchise is better off dead anyways. It was all but stormy skies ever since BN6 and GridRPG's demise. MM9 didn't revive Classic as they expected: "we want a new cash cow". MM10 was just the result of a false alarm.

    I saw L3 at first as Inafune's last pushed project before leaving Capcom, seeing how he got lots of Capcom's developers into supporting it's realization. But eh, corporate decissions. Making money is much more important than making a quality product, and Rockman isn't making any money or any hype like your generic FPS out there. Easy choice, to be fair.

    Even so, the fandom itself is actually doing a much better job at making MM games than Capcom right now. There's lots and lots of fangame projects with innovative gameplay gimmicks that fans have been looking in a MM game for what: +10 years?. Which Capcom has refused to include in one of their games for whatever reason I can't even comprehend.

    Capcom just sucks right now. They suck too much to make a decent Rockman game. This is why fans all over the world decided to learn how to code, to learn how to sprite, make music, coming up with ideas, analizing the old games, and try hard at making the best MM game they came come up with just for the heck of it, and for the heck of tributing an old school series.

    This is an old school fandom, with many fans willing to support their favorite franchise for whatever reason they have. 'Tis a good place to be, and this is a good place to keep the Rockman franchise alive: in our own hands. No matter how suckish the fanboys can be, I still love Rockman. And that's something we can all agree with.

    Capcom is now appealing to a new generation of gamers. Rockman belongs to a more cheerful, carefree past, and no matter how much grit and blood facial hair you paste on it, that won't make a MM game sell like hot cakes.

    But who cares about that now?. I'd like to think this is the final nail in Rockman's coffin, because it's better that way. I don't want Capcom to squeeze the poor kid anymore. And I certainly not want Capcom to reboot MM a-la-Bomberman Act Zero.

    From now on, my hopes in finding the ultimate MM game rests upon the fangamedom. Screw Capcom, they just fucked up a big chance right there.


  38. Boycott the hell out of these ***s of *****es.

    In seriousness, how likely is it for Inafune-san to purchase back the Megaman series? It seems as though Capcom has no interest for any of its franchises outside of Street Fighter.

    I will never buy another product from these vermin again.

  39. never buying another product from capcom again.
    lets do that all of us... we leave capcom begging for fans again...

    i like to hear what Keiji Inafune has to say about this sad news.

  40. Capcom is dead to me. I'll never buy another game from them until MML3 is released, even if it's another Mega Man game! (including Rockman Online, in case it's released here)

  41. *sigh*

    Capcom, I am disappoint.

  42. Boycotting would work if people actually did it rather than assuming nobody else will do it. The problem is like people who say their votes don't count in US government. Well yea, they don't count if you don't vote!

    Though in this case, it would probably help to send messages to Capcom along with not buying their games, so they know.

  43. Does anybody want to create a boycott Capcom page or something? Since everybody here seems to be in agreement? I think it would spread the word around that this is not an acceptable to the fanbase, they basically teased us for 10 months and then decided not to go ahead with it. I could name a number of reasons this company has become a piece of shit in the last couple of years and list them along with this as to why the company should be bankrupt already:
    -Instead of releasing demanded titles like Legends 3, their "hard work" is devoted towards re-releasing games like Resident Evil 4 or Street Fighter 4 as many times as possible.
    -There are no new interesting franchises they have created. It almost seemed like they were off to a good start with Okami and things like Zak and Wiki, but they gave up and neither. Actually the former had a sequel, but it was just basically a portable rehash of the first game.

    I'll name some other stuff later, I'm sure you guys could contribute some stuff.

  44. I'm sorry. I thought venting would get some of the anger out. I am PISSED. Capcom, I wish I could slap the SHIT out of you right now! Boycotting won't do anything, that's true. But I swear I will address my hate for you until my life as a gamer is through. In fact, with Mega Man canned in the way that it has been this year, consider me done with gaming. I'll stick with my NES, SNES, and N64, that's it.

    And if by SOME chance this is some corporate ploy for the Mega Man community to show their undying support for the franchise and revive the project... No. Just fuck you Capcom.

    Excuse my language, and thank you. (Not speaking towards Capcom. Kthx.)

  45. Are you kidding me!?!?!?!? What happened to you Capcom? Mega Man is a franchise I grew up on and Legends is my FAVORITE game series EVER! I was going to buy a 3DS JUST FOR THIS GAME. Me and a friend recorded every single AMV sequence from the first two games and put them out on Youtube because we loved it so much.

    You promised us a Prototype, and then trolled your way out of giving us a chance to prove how much we want this game. Way to give us mega man fans the finger.

    You won't see another penny from me until Legends 3 hits the store shelves. I swear it! Nothing! I'll be voting with my wallet for companies who care about their fans.


  46. @Mah,

    Yes, I bought a 3DS mostly for this game. And Kingdom Hearts. But also, I didn't ever have a regular DS. I've mostly been emulating DS games on my computer up to now, but certain games I haven't been able to too well, like the Zelda games, Lufia, or Okamiden, so the backwards compatibility of the 3DS helps with that. I still haven't played Okamiden, but at this point I'd just like to find a way to emulate it, even if on an R4. I don't feel like giving Capcom my money.

  47. I am fully in agreement for a boycott page for Capcom, in remembrance of Mega Man in specific.

    Also expressing much hatred.

    Someone please do this.

  48. At this rate we might as well do one thing and one thing only. Only buy Mega Man-related things and ignore the sh*t out of everything else they cough up. See how long it takes for them to come to their senses at how big of a mistake this is being for them.

  49. You do realize if you boycott Capcom, that will just prove their point that Mega Man games don't sell right?

  50. I urge everyone to take it to their social network pages. Tell Capcom we're boycotting them to their faces!

  51. @Anonymous under Kenichi340: I'm pretty sure people mean to boycott all Capcom games, not just Mega Man.

  52. I'm irritated by this, but the... vehemence, of some of the comments I've read is startling.

    Might be time to step out into the sunlight for some people. o_o;

  53. FUCK! This is an outrage!

  54. Someone post a link to their "Fuck Capcom on behalf of Mega Man" page, please.

  55. Welp, time to Pirate any good that Capcom makes.

    Oh wait, Capcom doesn't make good games anymore.

    I say we collaborate and send the CEO of Capcom an image of every character from all of the franchises that Capcom's fucked over flipping him off. But that's just me.

  56. Anybody else thing this is a bit Earthbound ish'?

  57. The Street Fighter fanboys must be having a pretty hard laugh out of all this.

  58. Just posted on Facebook on Capcom's main page: Y'know what, Capcom? I'm sick of you guys doing me and the other Mega Man / Rockman fans wrong. I'm officially boycotting you from here on out. Good luck out there, being king of remakes.

    Booya. LIKE IT. NOW.

  59. I would like to ask for Capcom's mailing address.

    Can anyone here provide it?


  61. Mail address anon:
    Check the story under this one.

  62. This is... Wow... What does this mean?

    I mean, I didn't really care about the Legends series in general, but I cannot deny that Legends 3 was more or less an indicator of the health of the entire franchise at this point. And for that I would give it my support.

    But now... There are NO Rockman projects on the horizon that we currently know of (Rockman Online doesn't count for obvious reasons). I believe this is the first time this has happened.

  63. Does boycotting do any good if you're already going on about how bad the rest of their games are anyway, and thus wouldn't buy them?

    Honestly, I'm still mad at Inafune for ditching Mega Man after going on about how MML3 is so important to him and all that, then just leaving it to die like this.

  64. @Anon mad at Inafune: I doubt he wanted to leave Megaman or MML3. The situation at the company had to have been strenuous to make him leave after all this time.

    There are things more important than finishing projects. Like not being strangled by your job.

  65. @that one anon: Yeah, we might be rather vehement about this, but look at it this way: Not only do they not give the game a chance by releasing the Prototype Edition, but they don't really explain why they canned it.

    I can only hope that they understand WHY they've angered so many people, if they even care.

  66. @Radix: Totally get it, and on board with the frustration.

    Seen quite a few "DIE IN A FIRE" type things though, which can't really be of much impact to Capcom execs.

  67. YTour hatefull, boycotting metool.July 18, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    R.I.P MegaMan 1987-2011. i'll save my thoughts on the franchise as a whole for the eventual comentary post by Protodude, but the short is is that i'll miss him.

    "We thank you all so much for your extended support of this title and this community, and we hope that you will continue to support the Mega Man franchise as well as other Capcom games."

    "and we hope that you will continue to support the Mega Man franchise as well as other Capcom games."

    "hope that you will continue to support the Mega Man franchise"

    Hey, Capcom? I'm not aure if you've gotten the memo, but we can't very well support a franchise IF THERE'S NOTHING NEW TO SUPPORT SAID FRANCHISE WITH.


  69. Buy the domain "", and host every single MM game for people to pirate it.

    Since I can't use my money to buy L3, I'd fund that site. Even if it gets a C&D

    OH BY THE WAY, this is the same Capcom that sent a subtle "we can't let you support this" letter to the makers of Mega Man Online: a 2D deathmatch online multiplayer fangame :3c

  70. My next project is to find out how I can emulate Okamiden. Even if by R4. I'm not paying for it. Apparently it's a great game (I played the original), hence why I really want to play it. But I'm not paying for it. I WANT to steal it.


    I've started a group to boycott capcom. I've been on many a forum, and will get support. I hope you all join so we can shove it down communitys throat.

  72. So, #DASH3 is Japan's number one trending topic on Twitter?

    'Tis a good shitstorm.

    It can be better, damn it!. Change "Legends Never Die"'s purpose to that! Massive demand on behalf of L3's cancellation. This is a good chance to promote it, if anyone's still interested.

    This isn't over until Dashe sings!.

  73. Wow...this is just sad and disappointing. All the community involvement really makes this hurt more. Is this really how it all ends?


    anything to help.

  75. Fuck you, Capcom


  77. Is there any chance that Inafune buy the franchise ? Is that something that can be done ?

  78. I believe this cancellation has more to do with the fact that 3DS isn't selling that well rather than LEGENDS 3 itself. Even SEGA is holding back its games due to "slow 3D adotpion rate"

  79. Motherf'n irony, do you know it?!



  81. Complete and utter shock...

  82. ...

    So, they've decided to cancel it, huh? Wow, I'm lost for words, here. This just goes to show that they just flat-out don't care anymore. Mega Man Universe's cancellation was understandable, considering the fact that it was a steaming pile of garbage that not many people were looking forward to, but Legends 3? There was no excuse for that game's cancellation whatsoever.

    People have waited at least ten years for a sequel to come into existence, and when it finally happens, they decide to pull the plug on it? Did they not take into consideration how long people have waited for it? What about all the time and effort people spent entering their character designs into all the contests they were hosting? Does that not mean anything to them?

    Way to kick the fanbase in the nuts, Capcom...again.

    Yeah I get the feeling they'll go after X and Classic.

  84. @Krazy Monkey

    You're late to the party.

    Japan's most trending topic on Twitter is DASH3

    Capcom's FB page is getting spammed with negative posts

    Crapcom's wiki entrance has been created, linked to MML3's

    /b/ was discussing virtual attacks, DDOSing on Capcom.

    Not to mention the individual MM forum's shitstorm and the +200 Devroom comments on this one piece of news.

    Best. Shitstorm. Ever.

    Inafune counted on fan loyalty to keep L3 alive, and to prevent backlashes against Capcom. Well, they are in for a hell of a backlash. It's their loss.

    They wanted publicity and hype for L3. They're geting it, except not quite as they expected it.

  85. I can't wait to see Capcom's face when they come to SDCC this week. Not only did they screw the fans, but they did it during a convention week. To see their faces at their panel or just skip it and go to Bandai Entertainment's panel, where even though they delay stuff and have no release dates, at least we know it's gonna come out.

  86. I want to say something, but this has gotten me to a point of rage that I can't even form the swears even... I'd send a cluster f-bomb email to capcom, but that'd not solve anything.

    I'm done with Capcom. I'm sorry, it's just... no more.

  87. After all that people who bought a 3DS, waiting 10 years, only for play this awesome game, that really sucks.

  88. So, it finally happened... Mega Man Legends 3 has met its end. If it was truly because the 3DS wasn't selling well, then couldn't they have just ported it to one of the three current-gen systems, instead of canceling it altogether?

    I never thought I would be saying this, but it looks as if the Mega Man series' fate has been sealed. There honestly isn't a thing to look forward to anymore, other than the supposed "25th Anniversary" project that they mentioned a while ago. Assuming they don't decide to cancel THAT, too, that is.

  89. Damn, Capcom, you disappoint me too many times. I got pissed that you stopped creating new Rockman games, but this one just takes the cake.


  90. Ex-Capcom Fan, Now Capcom HaterJuly 19, 2011 at 1:03 AM

    They turned Resident Evil from Survival Horror into a shooter. I tolerated that.

    They turned Devil May Cry from a badass hack n' slash into a game about an emo druggie teenager and his quest for getting white hair. I tolerated that.

    They shat on the game I've waited for ten years. No, not just the game, they shat on the entire Mega Man franchise, the pillar of my childhood.

    Capcom, it's over. I am never buying anything with your name on it. Don't care if you make a fucking badass X9. I'm. Not. Buying. It. It's over. I wish all that left your stupid company the best of luck. You? I wish you Hell.

    You just lost one of your biggest fans... Hell. You probably lost MANY of your fans with this dick move. Bye, Capcom. It was fun while it lasted.

  91. ....You know what...? YOU KNOW WHAT?! ....I'm at a loss for words.

  92. Well, I'll keep on waiting.


  94. You know, I feel like everyone's brought this upon themselves. What with all the constant complaining about every game before not being up to expectations. There were even people complaining about Legends 3. Capcom finally greenlighted it, and people were still unsatisfied. To me, I see it's pretty much impossible to satisfy the fans because they'll always be expecting more. Now, it's going to help apparently with everyone losing hope and shouting curses at Capcom. Everyone has lost faith so quickly and has been so quick to judge on Capcom without considering the possibilities and reasons for this sudden announcement. We don't understand what was happening with them. We knew very well how much these developers wanted the game to come forth, so stop judging them so quickly because they don't give a reason. It's just like project Rainfall, just because Nintendo didn't give a reason, doesn't mean they don't have one. Think about it from their side for once guys...

  95. Even though I was prepared for the worse, I am still stunned that they had cancelled the game.

    I can't even sum up what I am feeling right now.

  96. It was gonna suck anyway.





  98. I mean, come on... This was something I looked forward to. And Capcom CANCELED it? Oh my god... It's so freaking... ARGH.

  99. Wow i still can't believe they would cancel this and not DmC. I'm sure that game will be a smash hit. -_-

    Someone please tape their ComicCon Panel. I can only imagine how catastrophic it will be.

  100. I seriously hope someone buys the Megaman and Breath of Fire Licenses from them.

    seriously capcom, what have you done?

    You have Opened Pandora's box.

  101. REALLY!? They decide to fuck us over the loyal Megaman fan base..

    Seriously what the hell!?
    This was the main fucking reason i had bought a 3DS! Now there is nothing to look forwards too on this damn thing...
    Capcom you have loss my business and loyalty to you and the same goes for many other fans..

    Get us all hyped up and involved in the game all of a sudden just CAN the damn thing?! What is wrong with you was it just some damn joke to get us all pumped so you can crush us? Seriously Capcom you dropped the ball on this i can understand cancelling one game but cancelling a game that had many fans support and get involved in it and even asking for involvement from fans..

    Seriously Fuck you Capcom seriously i am done with you till you release legends 3 and prototype version i will not buy anything from you.

    Thank you Capcom for fucking over all of us.

  102. Capcom is officaly dead to me. I will not purchase RE: Operation racoon city, RE Revelations,DMC or ANY Capcom title from here on out. Capcom can go to hell.

  103. So it's done. The last project Inafune had going has been killed. There are no currently active Megaman series or development. Capcom has killed the franchise entirely.

    Nothing left to say but this.
    It's over Capcom. I'm leaving you.

  104. I know alot of you guys said it already and some of you might actually keep true to what you said and others might back down, but I know for a god damn fact I will not be buying another capcom game in my life until I see strong support to Megaman franchise. Trust me as I say this I CAN LIVE WITHOUT street fighter, resident evil, DMC, okami and anything else you make capcom. Megaman is my favorite franchise and is the only reason you saw money from me but now that MM is gone, I will not be buying anything else from you guys. Trust me!

  105. NO!!!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING! Really, in all seriousness, I'll say this. This isn't happening! There is no reason for me to go on...! What... WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOORRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!??????? We really have to take this project to our own hands somehow, otherwise.... I don't know!! I hope someone could save all the data developed so far for the game.

  106. Done with these idiotic choices.
    I can deal with the Darkstalkers franchise dying.

    I can deal with no more Breath of Fire games

    I can deal with Clover Studios closing down

    But this is the final insult. I am done with this freaking company.
    Go spend the rest of your years re-releasing Street Fighter and DLC costumes. The Capcom I once loved is long dead.

  107. Was this a spontaneous act? Or was it planned right from the get-go? A random *chan board seems to confirm the former.

    I don't know if it's legit, but if it is, that is incredibly fucked-up. Incredibly. Fucked. Up. And yet, at this point, I'd believe it.

  108. Hi, My name is Kips. I was raised as a Capcom fan, and until this day I was hoping to die one. Now, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

    I'm not outright going to boycott Capcom, Sure I'm going to be mad for quite a while, and sure, I'll be bitching about it for a year or two. But I'm still going to buy their games. I've always liked DmC, RE, SF, and most of all MegaMan. And yes, I'll still most likely buy the remakes of the old games, no matter how shitty they are.

    Legends 3 was literally a dream come true. My sister, Kelly, She actually teared up when she heard about this, And my sister hasnt cried since she was 7, when I was born. Everyones been wanting this game, this is a simple fact. I can even hear her wailing upstairs right now, throwing a bitchfit; for all the right reasons.

    Now, I never played the Legends games. I've loved all of the Mega Man games, played pretty much them all, But not Legends. I looked up a walkthrough of it, and, simply put, I lost interested after watching 2 videos. I tried again, this time for four, and the next time for four more, But it just didnt get any better. This is not to say I support the cancellation, or think Legends was shit, And it was most likely because I never played it that it bored me.

    I never wanted to see this day come. Capcom's cancelled something big, something all fans wanted, for reasons unknown. Even if they told us the reasons now, Their fate is sealed. Back when SEGA started to make consoles and then they just outright stopped, a lot of people were mad. They at least had some sort of logical reason, and lucky for them, the internet wasnt big yet. So what happens when a game thats been wanted for a decade is cancelled in modern times?

    /b/. /b/ happens. /co/ happens. /vp/ happens. 4chan as a whole happens. I myself am an Anonymous on 4chan, and though I dont approve of their methods of outright violence, It's better then attempting to kill a capcom employee. Capcom's fucked with the wrong generation, made the biggest mistake of their life, and trust me. Oh boy, trust me when I say we are going to make them regret it until they have no breathing room.

  109. It’s official, I’m done with Capcom, first Megaman Universe, and now THIS!? A lot of people are agreeing that they are just cancelling it because they want to make more money off of Street Fighter and Resident Evil

    Another person is saying that Capcom is basically turning into what Activision was when Robert Kotick was when he ran Activision, and now I can see why Keiji Inafune left Capcom, because apparently, the Capcom executives are jerks.

  110. I'm so Mad bro...I never got to finish MML2 and yet hearing this...i think i'm going to go and sit in the emo corner until something GOOD pops up.

    Seriously,Fuck Capcom,Fuck 'em with a big rubber di- Yeah i'm going a bit to far with that one.

  111. I knew megaman was never going to be the same when inafune left, now rock is stuck up there and from the looks of it, will never make it back to every one home. A real damn shame!


    Bad move, Capcom.

  113. Capcom has failed me. I miss Inafune. At least when he was there we actually got Mega Man games.

  114. So what? Is the Legends Franchise going to be the equivalent to Darkstalkers now? Not receiving a new game and used as filler characters for your crossover games? *points at TvC, MvC, and Namco x Capcom*

    I swear to god if you are showing an expansion for MvC3 at Comic-Con, I better see X or any other incarnation on that roster. If not, then f*ck you!

  115. Time to boycott all CAPCOM products, and the 3DS.

  116. Woooow really 2 games in a row on the same year mother fucking god damn devil worshiping Crapcoooooooom how DARE U seriously HOW FUCKING DARE UUUUU??? DIE IN ALL CIRCLES OF HELL NOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

  117. Wow, Capcom must really love it when shit hits the fans.

  118. This stunt doesn't end with just the death of Legends or all the Megaman fans leaving.

    Its implications it has are actually pretty huge. With a blow of this caliber to its fanbase, trust in Capcom amongst its consumer base has generally fallen.

    Even those who AREN'T amongst its consumer base are more likely to be disappointed by such treatment.

    Which makes it THAT much harder for Capcom games to take the sales charts by storm, simply because people are more likely to subconsciously go towards other games from other companies.

    With all these rehashes, not even remakes, Capcom's generally giving off an aura that's somewhat akin to some of the stunts Square Enix and Namco have pulled in recent times.

    The underlying business philosophy smells a LOT like Atari during the days of the Atari shock.

    So Kudos Capcom, you just started going down a road that'll end ala Final Fantasy 14 or the Atari shock.

  119. Well, that's that then. I have always been clear in my pirating: I will pirate games, and buy them if the company/game made some good decisions, or if I wish to support them. It's why I bought Minecraft and Amnesia, and pirated Duke Nukem Forever.

    This announcement is essentially them saying "Fuck the community". Megaman was one of the last series I respected Capcom for, after their day-1 DLC and re-releases in less than half a year (Street Fighter, ho).

    This means I am never buying another Capcom game again. Because what they say to the community, I can say to them.

  120. Actually now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I’ve just wanted to say this. We didn’t fail. We didn’t fail Mega Man. We didn’t fail, and we includes the staff who worked SO hard on this, and the Dev Roomers. We didn’t fail at all. It was Capcom who failed US. They failed to realize the most important part of the gaming world: TO GIVE HAPPINESS. It’s all just a money world now. Capcom failed to realize the main reason it started in the first place: To give happiness and genuine enjoyment to the fans. Thus, Capcom has utterly failed, and is now a fallen company. R.I.P. True Capcom. R.I.P. Volnutt. Heaven only knows when we’ll get you out of there.

  121. Well....that sucks. Sorry for all the Legends fans, I know how much this meant to everyone...heck, I was even looking forward to this and I'm not really even a Legends fan really. I guess it's true, without Inafune Megaman might really be dead as far as video games are concerned. And that's a shame, because it's really the only franchise Capcom has left that appeals to me.

  122. people, buy used capcom games in the future, we can enjoy aou r games and they don't get a penny from us.

  123. If Capcom needs a redemption, then bring MML3 back and keep going and be strong! If not, then you're still weak, Capcom! Deluded, weak fools!

    You have two choice! Keep MML3 alive for our dream, or die with it, including yourself, Capcom.

    Now Choose!

  124. I think this comic summarizes the whole affair -->

  125. Seriously, f-ck you Tayo. Did Capcom pay you to come say that shit or what?

  126. Dear Capcom:

    F*ck you. F*ck you with a rusty rail spike. I am never buying anything from you ever again. You are dead to me. I never want to hear from you again. You are a sad joke; a sorry shell of your once glorious selves. Just go out of business so Nintendo can buy you and save Megaman, Ryu, and the rest of my childhood memories from your moronic business practices.

    Oh, and Nintendo? Make sure you bring S-Kill with you if(hopefully when) you buy out Crapcom. He's a badass.

    ~ The Final Straw.

  127. I think Megaman as a whole might be ending. Most of the sub-series have ended, Keiji Inafune left, Megaman Universe is canceled, Megaman Legends 3 is cancelled. I honestly don't see why they canceled Legends 3. You can't just end a series on a cliffhanger, this series especially needs a proper ending. No more Capcom for me, thanks. I used to love Capcom, but this is just unforgivable.

  128. @Taiyo: As far as I'm concerned, it was never greenlighted. They were going to make their decision based on people's reactions to the Prototype version, which was never released. Not to mention that the excitement for this game outweighed the complaints (from what I saw).

  129. Good grief Capcom, you hipe us for months, you get almost every single MegaMan fan excited beyond belief, then you do this? Really? "Didn't meet criteria?" Gimme a break.
    Hey Capcom, if you give you $50 bucks, will you sell me the franchise rights? With everyone leaving you $50 bucks will take you a long ways.

  130. Just returned from visiting family out of town, feeling good! And then this happens.

    Wall of text ahead:

    Because I'm usually optimistic, part of me is thinking that this is an oddball move being done just to see how many people actually wanted the game in the first place. Whether it was really that popular, or important to the fans who cared. And then they'll retract this later, and resume working on it. That is, if development ever ceased to begin with.

    ...However, I know better...

    I didn't want to believe this was going to happen, but the possibility was always in the back of my mind, and many others. Think about it:

    1. Keiji Inafune left. As much as Capcom would want you to believe that one man was not responsible for the franchise being current, it's looking more evident now than ever before, that he was the only one that strongly cared for it in the first place. Capcom's actions don't help their case at all.

    2. As people have said before, Mega Man Universe was canceled just like this, which is why fans were already getting a bit troubled. And, unfortunately, their being worried was justified.

    3. They said that people in the US didn't really show the sufficient amount of support for the franchise(how can you do that with no new games????????), so they felt that there was no real fan-base in that territory. Still, only Rockman has been chugging along, with cell-phone games, and the Korean-only Rockman Online game. Nothing for the US. Basically, Rockman is still alive(barely), but Mega Man may be dead, if that makes sense.

    4. No iteration of Mega Man showed up in Marvel VS. Capcom 3, much to the fans' dismay. Even after the people publicly made it clear that they felt that one of them should be in, Capcom didn't really care at that point(I still haven't bought this game, not only because of this, but many other favorite characters never made it in also).

    In the end, Capcom didn't even give the game a chance with the prototype and looks to be done with the franchise as a whole.

    Capcom doesn't care anymore... and sadly, neither do I.

  131. And thus ends the gaming chapter in my life.

    I'm no gamer, I've been drifting away farther and farther from games, but i know one thing that keeps me connected to games are my love for the Mega Man games and boy do I love the Legends series. I would have bought Universe and sure as hell would have gotten myself a 3DS for MML3. I guess the only thing I can thank capcom for is saving me the money I would have given them.


  132. WOW.. the cancellation of Legends 3, but man, I'm so gonna STOP buying games, THANKS TO THIS PIECE OF SHIT NOWADAYS. My money are being saved for other stuffs, I knew it was gonna happened, thank goodness I stick to only anime/manga/visual novel(altho it's a game) for my daily life. Capcom, you're the first company to make me stop anticipating anything in games at ALL.

  133. Is it wrong for me to wonder when the Archie/Udon stuff will be canceled? Because i can totally see them going down that road.

  134. i personaly don't blame the cancelation if the main charecter designer left they have no where to work with and if you crying over oh well the game and father of megaman had a good run while it lasted not like meny people liked the newer games just wanted reboots of ole nes or ps games not realy a bad thing but my guse is he left so he could get some fredom in what he wants to make

  135. You suck, capcom. *middle fingers computer screen*

  136. @Anon who said 'fuck you tayo'

    yes of course because you know because he's the only one not following pack mentality was paid by capcom. He's right in a sense, But also wrong. Also, yeah, you're wrong Anon, As MML3 wasnt greenlighted, and I doubt capcom would pay that dude to say that.

    @Everyone linking to the picture from a *chan

    Ever heard of lieing, or sarcasm? That kind of stuff are things that most employees wouldn't know, and the ones who did wouldn't be allowed to talk about it. God, You guys can get fucking gullible.

  137. I've waited a decade for this game and now it's canceled...
    I'm not buying a 3DS now.

  138. Wow...I have no words to describe.."this".

    Well...if you wanna play resident evil operation racoon city (for example) JUST DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT FILE AND PLAY IT WITH CRACKS!!!


  139. Spread the words to friends and FB and anywhere:

    Dont buy Capcom games. They ruin us.. They asked us to sent our drawing and many things to created Megaman Legends 3 and now they canned it for nothing.. They are wrong. Spread the words not to buy Capcom games at all!

  140. Boycotting does nothing and affects more then the Megaman fanbase. If its successful, and fucks over Capcom, What will the SF fans think?

    I understand you all are indeed mad, But for gods sake be mature about it.

  141. Don't buy games from Capcom anymore. just download them. Don't give them a single penny.

  142. I'd actually rather we didn't boycott the 3DS. I need other good games to play on this expensive thing. :P

    But go ahead and boycott Capcom.

  143. NO one let this up. Keep it going, express your rage, disappointment and discontent without end! Let it be heard and make it spread! This will NOT be one of those fan disappointments that will go by unnoticed. This is already too big to stop now.

  144. i've gotta say this is not very surprising on capcoms part, they have cancelled alot of games over the years for no good reasons at all.

    do I need to mention megaman anniversary collection for gba? or megaman universe? or megaman the wily wars? or megaman battle and chase?

  145. Eh. I'm sad about this, of course, but honestly I've seen it coming for about a month now, so I think I've already been through the worst of it. This is pretty much what I always expected to happen, based on natural conclusions drawn from the facts that Legends 3 had absolutely NO market potential, and that Capcom seems to absolutely despise the Mega Man franchise and its fans these days.

    The way I see it, the last hope for Mega Man as a franchise rides on any version of Mega Man making it into Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which will be announced later this week at Comic-Con. If he doesn't make it into the second version of MvC 3 after two back-to-back game cancellations in one year, that is Capcom saying as plainly as possible to us that they have given up on Mega Man, they hate the character and the franchise, and they have no reason to continue supporting the franchise or its fans. It's just too much negativity in one year to keep hope alive that the Mega Man series has a future if he's left out of UMvC 3 RIGHT after having two games being canceled and being left out of MvC 3. So here's hoping X or another Mega Man does make it into UMvC 3, because if not... I fear the ride is over, folks.

    Either way, after this total PR suicide, Capcom is pretty much dead to me. I understand their business reasons for canceling Legends 3, but they never should have announced it in the first place. No other game company has ever mistreated and trolled a series' fanbase as much as Capcom has with this whole Legends 3 debacle. This whole mess makes the Mega Man fanbase the most mistreated fanbase in the game industry's history, bar none... and it sucks being a part of that. Honestly, at this point it's pretty obvious that Capcom just wants Mega Man and his fans out of the way so they can continue to cash in on new fighting and Resident Evil games, incremental Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom upgrades, and Dead Rising re-releases with a barely-justifiable amount of new content.

    If X or another Mega Man doesn't get into UMvC 3, Capcom is dead to me because the only two series of theirs that I care about -- Mega Man and Okami -- are just as dead.

    Capcom really has gone down the shitter as of late. As much as I disagree with a lot of what Inafune says about the industry and the direction in which he wanted to take Mega Man with MMU, I don't blame him one bit for leaving. The place is like a creative void now.

  146. @Everyone: No, I'm not payed. I'm a devoted fan of Mega Man, and apparently the only who isn't losing his mentality and threatening Capcom. It doesn't matter if what I said about the greenlight is right or wrong, what is ridiculous is the way everyone is ACTING! SERIOUSLY! I'm sorry, but now YOU PEOPLE ARE ACTING INSANE! You're threatening Capcom to the extreme when you don't even know their motive for making such a move. That picture from 4chan can be easily faked, so you have no confirmed word from Capcom themselves. Whether they didn't have the budget or not, you're not looking at the situation from their point-of-view. Like I said, the developers wanted this game as much as you did, did they not? Just cool down and get your heads on straight! I understand your anger, as I am severely disappointed as well for this announcement... but that doesn't mean I'm going to lose faith in Capcom so quickly. Give them a chance to explain themselves. You only have a reason to be angry with them if they tell you that they did it for selfish reasons.

  147. @Tayo

    Capcoms canceled two games in not even a half year. That's something that really no other companys done, especially when one of those games was going to be a hit. Yes, I myself have considered if it could be a reason based on funds, but here's the kicker: Why didnt they just tell us that? Why did they give us a vague reason? That hints at one of two things, with one more likely then the other. The first thing is that it was a reason that, quite simply, they didnt want to say. The other is that they just wanted to MM series to stop.

    And the devs wanted this game that bad, huh? And where did you get this, from a news source? Did you ever hear of 'faking it for the spotlight'? It's most likely not what happened, But right now that laughable theory is becoming very plausible. Also, No, We arent acting 'insane'. At least, I'm not, and anyone else with a working brain would know that screenshot is just a lie.

  148. T____T

    Good bye Rokkuman

    P.D: I hate you,Capcom ¬.¬

  149. I've signed my very first pact- I have promised myself, and all others who promise with me, that, "unless MegaMan Legends 3 is un-cancelled or Capcom creates a new Mega Man game that is at least equal to Legends 3 in quality, I will never EVER purchase another Capcom game again, aside from previous Mega Man games."

    I hope that some of you reading this right now will join me in this pact.

  150. This is still going. I love you guys.

    But seriously? Do you think an itineration of Mega Man in Super MvC 3 Turbo Edition: 2nd Strike Gamma can make up for a full year of fucked up support, let alone make up for THIS?

    No, seriously, you really think so?

    "Let's hope they do *whatever* or release *whatever* in the meantime"

    No, I don't think you don't get the message.



    Screw them and their preference over gritty, darker appeals. As I already said, Rockman belongs to a better time. A more cheerful, carefree past, where games were made because they were considered a simple piece of art. BACK WHEN GAME COMPANIES KNEW FUN GAMES = HOT GAMES.


    DLCs and Microsoft ruined the video game industry. If this is a prelude to the second crash of video games, THEN MY BODY IS IS READY.

    also lol word verification is slime

  151. I will not buy another Capcom game until they start to pay the Rockman fanbase the respect it deserves. I hope other fans do the same.

  152. In all honesty what games do we possibly have to look forward to that are in development by Capcom? People DON'T want DmC. Marvel vs Capcom 3 was a bust. People can only buy the same Street Fighter 4 game so many times. Heck even Resident Evil fans are ticked off at them. They may not be saying it out loud but they're probably struggling just to keep their corporation afloat. Capcom needs to do something to change their marketing strategies before they push fans away from all of their franchises!

  153. You know, it's funny. All of you are saying you will never buy another game from Capcom unless they give us something in return. Well, let me ask you this, how do you expect Capcom to be able to un-cancel the project or make a new Mega Man game without funds from their profits? Now is not the time to turn our backs on Capcom. If it truly is because of a money issue, then, let's show Capcom by supporting them even in these circumstances! You want a game? You need to support them. Cursing them out will NOT solve ANYTHING.

  154. And I bought the 3DS for this. Capcom will pay for canceling big time. not buying any capcom product anymore.

  155. The Oblivious PrattlerJuly 19, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    I'm not attached to the Legends series (never even played it), but this could spell trouble for MegaMan in general. I'm more upset that they got everyone's hopes up. Not a good move, Capcom. Then again, the project may have been on its way out when Mr. Inafune left.

  156. @Tayo

    All they have to do is say "No, wait, we can't cancel this! What were we thinking?! We're sorry!"


    If they don't, we already have the best they could've offer us: a whole library of games to replay over and over. Because that's obviously the best we're gonna get from them: games from back when they were a good gaming company.

  157. Capcom has funds to work with. If they resume development, a boycott would stop.

    There has been such an uproar over this. It's been huge. Capcom can't ignore this.

  158. Imitating Capcom:

    Problems Mega Man fans?
    U MAD?

  159. So... to all the megaman fans out there what's next?

  160. And I was gonna buy a 3DS just to play the game I've been waiting for for 10 years... I'd just like to say... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

  161. @Taiyo:
    Are you joking? Supporting them is the last thing we should do now. We supported MML3 and what we got? Capcom showed they don't give **** to the fans. If they want money so bad, they should stop releasing new games (if you can call them "new", but continuing the ones already announced to avoid more angry people) and focus only in MML3 until it is released.

  162. LOL @ all saying boycott Capcom because they didn't give you what you wanted. It's like a child who thinks their parents hate them because the family trip to Disneyland got canceled.

    Sure, I want DASH3 big time, but I also realize Capcom is a business. My fandom does not outweigh their need to appropriate resources where they are most likely to actually make enough money to keep their employees paid and doors open.

    Oh, and as Tayo pointed out, "... how do you expect Capcom to be able to un-cancel the project or make a new Mega Man game without funds from their profits?"

    Welcome to reality.

  163. I feel like I have to chime in here. I've been a Mega Man fan for a long time. While I'm not particularly vocal in the community, I continuously browse the major MM fansites for news and what-not on a daily basis. Personally, I believe the MM fan community has endured quite a bit of disappointment for the last decade. During my time as a fan, here are some major "disappointments" I feel we've all had to endure.

    (Not necessarily in order)

    1. The collaboration between fans and Capcom regarding what extra content that would be put into the Mega Man X collection.

    - I believe this collaboration was brought about by the good folks at Mega Man Network (correct me if I'm wrong). Through the input of the fans, ideas such as remixed soundtracks to revised voice acting for X4 were considered. However, if memory serves me right, all the bonus content was stripped from the X compilation so it could be used for the PSP Maverick Hunter X series.

    2. The permanent hiatus of Maverick Hunter X.
    - More or less on the heels of the first point I listed above. All the promised content of the MMX collection was stripped in favor of this new series of remakes. But, sadly, we didn't get those either.

    3. The inability to change the controls in the gamecube version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection.
    - I don't think I have to explain this one. A is shoot. B is jump. Can't change it. An inconvenience that exists for literally no reason.

    4. MvC3 not featuring a Mega Man.
    - Again, I don't think I have to explain this one. Various fans fought tooth and nail on many different gaming sites and forums over which MM they thought would make it in. Surely MM was important enough to Capcom's gaming history to warrant at least one MM making onto the roster of "Gaming's Greatest Crossover". Once again, Mega Man is a no show.

    Those are just a few examples I'm able to remember at the moment. Of course, the cancellation of MMU and MML3 can go on that list as well. After experiencing this degree of disappointment, I'm surprised the community is so strong. Just looking at this blog and Mega Man Network shows me how dedicated MM's fanbase really is. Anyhow, I hope there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel for Mega Man

  164. Even if Capcom wished to cancel the game, their timing could no be worse...

  165. Tayo: But why should I support them when I can't manage to get even a slighty bit interested in their current games line ups?

    I'm not a big fan of FPS

    I'm not interested in the new DmC

    I felt trolled by Marvel vs Capcom.

    They closed Clover.

    I kinda liked Mosnter Hunter,but I'm not too crazy about it.

    Legends was the only game I was genuinely expecting from them and now they pull this.I can accept they are pandering to a new generation,but completely ingnoring old fans in the process is quite unfair.

  166. @undamned: If they don't cater to their fans, what's the point of them still making things? Not stringing along and disappointing customers is part of a sound business strategy.

    Also, as another anon already noted, reinstating development would stop a boycott. And even if they didn't, a boycott can be just big enough to make an impact without stopping the revenue they need. We, after all, give them the money they need to develop. Dollar votes. If we aren't pleased with them, they deserve nothing from us.

    By your logic, Capcom should be able to do whatever they want under the guise of good business practice, and fans have to be happy with it. Nope.

  167. "I can accept they are pandering to a new generation,but completely ingnoring old fans in the process is quite unfair."

    At least Nintendo has realized this, and is distributing both "casual-themed" games and more classic-styled games at the same time.

    Capcom's trying to get out of the hole with stranded, frail "casual" gamers in it, but they just can't hold onto the ground for long enough and keep falling right back in.

  168. @Tayo

    You make it seem like Capcom's getting as much money as SEGA was during the Dreamcast days. Capcom's actually doing extremely well in terms of money. So tell me, They have the money, They have (or had) the fans support, And they had an idea, and they already had a rough outline if the 26% completion of the game on the devroom is anything to go by. So tell me, Why did they cancel it?

  169. One thing I don't understand, for MORE excuses Capcom is giving to "refresh" the situation:

    HOW! I wonder *HOW* a game like Mega Man Legends wouldn't get approval, perhaps by Nintendo also, for its green light? What's up? It doesn't make sense! A game we have TWO versions, a port into PSP and LOTS of fans!

    Well, showing the cards: Inafune *was* responsible for all those Mega Man games we got, from StarForce up to Mega Man 10. Capcom has started to wreck Mega Man since the cancellation of the StarForce anime, right in its production - a too early cut.

    I really want to boycott Capcom - it's a shame and words seem to not fit what I'm felling... :(

  170. I won't be buying their games because their current lineup is garbage. What am I supposed to get excited about, Street Fighter 4 v3 or Marvel vs Capcom v2. Even if Legends 3 didn't get cancelled they haven't announced nothing that has sparked any interest in me. Honestly MegaMan fans aren't the only ones mad at CAPCOM. Not too long ago everyone was ticked about the abomination that is DmC, the refusal to localize Ace Attourney, toying with the fans of Monster Hunter and creating mediocre Resident Evil games. I can't say I will be boycotting CAPCOM but as long as they keep creating garbage I have no reason to support them either.

  171. So, apparently, the "proper fan response" is to unemotionally and instantly move on, because "this is reality". Doesn't matter how huge a dick move this was, or that we were only given meaningless PR bullshit as the reason for cancellation! Just move on and act as though Capcom didn't just screw with us big time!

    Sorry, guys (mostly Tayo and Undamned), but we're only human. We're going to be pissed about this for as long as we have the energy to.

    I have to assume that you had no investment in MML3, and/or can't see exactly WHY everyone's so angry. You likely see "waah, they cancelled a game!" and think that's it; you don't realize that this game was being asked and hoped for for at least ten years, and that we were able to help with it, and that Capcom kept our hopes up for its release--only to unceremoniously cancel it, with a nonreason given to us to boot.

    And what would it say to Capcom if the MM fanbase just blindly continued to support them after all that? It would tell them that they were perfectly justified in canning MML3 and that the only things that sell are whatever rehashes they're putting forth at the moment. What's to say they wouldn't pull something like this again?


  172. I used to love Capcom.

    Now, they can go f**k themselves.

  173. You're all a bunch of babies.

  174. I too feel bad for all the community, we have been trolled epicly. Cancelling due budget issues is one thing. Cancelling AFTER getting the people hopes and involvement, that's cruel. I've a fan for 20 years and today I felt that my childhood (and adulthood) hero, is about to fall thanks to the ideals of the new generation corporates. Now I see what Inafune-san meant by getting dissapointed on the industry. Too bad, I was hoping to see a remaster version of the Rockman Rockman and Irregular Hunter X on PS3 by HD and maybe after that if the plan worked, the secuels.
    My two (and probably last) cents

    A tribute with all my good feelings..

    Too bad that I lost the hi-res version I made

  175. You don't think I wanted this? I've been waiting as long as any other fan, I KNOW how much went fan support went into this. You don't think I'm disappointed? OF COURSE I AM! My point is that what is cursing them out and not supporting them going to do? Not gonna give us any more Mega Man that's what it'll do. I mentioned the money thing because people have been mentioning the possibility of the higher ups not thinking it will bring in enough money or that it would be too expensive to make. "Learn to empathize"? Hypocrisy if I ever saw it. How do expect Capcom to empathize for you if you will not even empathize for them? All of you are acting so pessimistically and acting as if you know that they made this decision selfishly, but you never consider your own faults, even mine. Watch, you'll all start ranting against this because you won't admit that you've been acting like animals and have been jumping to conclusions so quickly. ONE MORE TIME. I AM AWARE OF ALL THIS, I WANTED LEGENDS 3, I HAVE A 3DS, I AM DISAPPOINTED, BUT HAVE A HEART AND CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY. Even if it seems unlikely, just give them a chance. You look at two cancelings, but you are quick to forget all of the great things that have come out of this. 2 Mega Man games canceled, many many more great Mega Man games came into our hands over these many years. Do you think Capcom would do such a thing to make us angry? I'm sure they know how disappointed fans are, but you're not even going to give them a chance. Fine, continue boycotting them and saying you won't buy their games anymore. See if they'll uncancel Legends 3 or make any more new Mega Man games in the future...

  176. Oh my god…

    This is what it’s come to: the halting of developing Mega Man Legends 3.

    Even as I am not a fan of this series, I’ve never been so dumbfounded as to something as drastic as this. The game showed much promise, with all the character designing contests, follow-up news on the progress and new artwork…. with the new character Barrett to boot! Even for a non-fan, it looked to me like this was going to be one hell of a Mega Man Legends game.

    And now… this is just too, too bad. It had a chance. A CHANCE!

    I want to say to the fans of Legends who really wanted this game: I’m so sorry that this happened.


    And to Capcom: How could you do this to the fans?!

    HOW… COULD… YOU?!… :< They TRUSTED you!… And TRUST can take a loonnnggg time to rebuild. Their hearts are broken… and a broken heart is not always something you can just repair.

    Thank you for letting me share my piece, Protodude. I wouldn't feel right not saying something about this.

  177. July 18, 2011
    The day capcom went Maverick

  178. @Tayo: Jumping to conclusions? Well, Capcom didn't say anything beyond "criteria", and so we're trying to piece the actual reason together ourselves.

    Give Capcom a chance? After THIS? We don't even know what they have planned beyond SFIV, MvC3, and the DMX reboot. If it turns out they haven't abandoned MM like we're fearing they have...maybe. But we won't soon forget this.

    And even if you wanted MML3 too--telling us to shut up and forgive Capcom so soon probably isn't a good idea. Keep in mind, Capcom isn't telling us anything meaningful. The future remains to be seen, but for now...yeah. Anger is a stage of grief, you know.

  179. All we can do now is wait and see about this year's comic-con.

  180. For all you screaming "Boycott", I think you should rethink that. Think clearly and look to history - very rarely have boycotts actually worked. In fact, nowadays they're called for so commonly they're largely ignored. As I mentioned earlier, I could have written an angry letter, but it wouldn't mean anything. I won't give them my money, and I know many of the rest of you won't either, but calling for a boycott will only end in disappointment.

    Rather, a simple silent sharp drop in revenue after this announcement would probably make a bigger statement. If you buy a capcom game, buy it used so they don't see a dime of your own money. Better to pay GameStop for a used game than Capcom for a new one. But calling for the internet to boycott? That'll go nowhere fast, just like most online petitions. Actions speak louder than words here, so simply do your own part and put faith in the other fans to do theirs. You'll find it has a much greater effect than a modern day 'organized boycott'.

    Calm down and realize that if you do all these things out of rage and spite, that nothing really good will come of it. Instead, take a few deep breaths and change your motives - do not do things out of spite for capcom, but instead out of support for the blue bomber. Capcom has rejected it's "Like it or not mascot", and instead of yelling at the company, you should stand strong with your idol.

    It makes a bigger statement to do things in support for something as opposed to doing things out of wrath against something. So calm down, take some deep breaths, lighten up on the swearing and rage, and focus. There's better ways to do this - let's make sure we do it right. Support for our Blue Bomber, not spite for Capcom.

  181. @radix: but do you see what I mean? Everyone is making such assumptions that Capcom has given up on Mega Man. My point is that the future is uncertain and we cannot judge Capcom currently. The anger outbursts won't solve anything, but I understand everyone's disappointment. I guess I should wait until everyone's anger subsides, if that ever happens.

  182. @Tayo

    The franchise's future has been uncertain ever since MM9. Hell, ever since PU.

    Also, I agree with Role on this matter. Loud and obnoxious boycotting is already been done in the form of shitstorm.

    The financial rejection on Capcom is just another way to make your voice heard, but think again:

    >Capcom sees rise in rehashed games/remakes/re-re-releases

    >Capcom shows full support to rehashed games/remakes/re-re-releases

    >Capcom sees drops in MM-related sales


    Take a little guess what happens next on that line of thought.

    Just keep shouting your opinion, making small propaganda. There are lots and lots of non-fans that are disappointed like most of us out there.

    Me? Hell, I'm still shocked. A BIG screw up. What were they thinking?!

  183. I demand an explanation, Capcom. A LENGTHY one, not this vague BS.

  184. @Role: ...That's the same thing. Buying used, not buying at all, whatever. Still a boycott. Calling for everyone else to do it is the only way to make it work. If a few people did it "quietly", Capcom wouldn't even notice.

    Boycotts do work in smaller communities, and as big as gaming is these days, Capcom's customer base is still relatively small enough to be able to be overthrown by organized activity.

  185. Nowadays Capcom is like this:

  186. I will not tolerate anymore of Capcom's creepy business tactics. I cannot trust this company again.

    This was a major title in the works and the company went too far with the cancellation of this project. Simply it was a lack of understanding of what the series was about. I really hope they reverse this decision and examine this more fairly.

    I love Megaman Legends. The games had a nice overall human feel, which is why so many people are so attached to this beloved series. From now on, it is very hard to enjoy other Capcom brand games, because of the ignorant and perhaps even "bias" attitude they have towards MML. Frankly, I don't think a lot of people will enjoy playing Capcom games ever again due to this matter. Definitely, this will become etched in many fans' minds, because they will associate and despise the inappropriate action that Capcom took with this.

  187. All I can say is...
    *sad face*

    So many people hate Capcom now...

  188. Fuck, this was going to be the first game I was going to actually pay for.

    Shame on you Capcom.

  189. I feel like a dog that just got kicked in the gut, for no reason other than being loyal to my master.

    CAPCOM is infamous for their BS theories of cancellations, and for me, this is it; I simply cannot continue to support their greed any longer. Their company has gladly taken thousands of dollars of my money, and yet, they continue to shit on their fans by outsourcing projects, re-releases/ports, worthless anniversary "gifts" and vague communication with it's own fan-base.

    I wish I could be positive about this, but it's really hard to be optimistic after finally accepting the fact that Mega Man has died and is being replaced by Zero. No 'extra lives' or 'energy tanks' could possibly save this franchise, now. :(

  190. Capcom doesn't care about Mega Man anymore. >:|

    It's a shame.
    Mega Man's my favorite gaming series, too.


  191. Like Prometheus said in ZXA:
    "Don't make me laugh! WHAT AN EPIC SHAM!"

  192. This seems to be the most talked event in the web.

    Fans vs. Capcom: Fate of Mega Man Legends 3

  193. This is ridiculous,
    I have to agree with Tayo and unnamed.
    You're all acting like this was done on purpose to you, in such spite of you and the Megaman franchise. And you're all taking it far too personally. While I dont think Tayos focus on their finacial means is really the key point, cuz they're a corperation, they have money, they could make whatever and get it out there. They arent morons or amateurs. But I do believe that you guys are paranoid about the reasons. "Why didnt they just tell us the reasons?" Like any game company ever spells anything out. The game industry is THE leading pro hand at vague reasons. I remember always waiting months and months for bits and pieces of info to trickle out for games. Its always been that way.
    Not only can no one here say they no their reasons with any amount of certainty, but you all act like the head of Capcom personally said "Fuck you megacunts you all suck", like this was all a personal attack on YOU. Like any company cares enough to go out of their way to hurt their consumers. Not only is that hard to see happening, but its a completely stupid and unheard of move, even if they did think they could go on without you.
    And even more on the point, you are all acting outlandishly upset that your precious game wasnt made, acting like the whole world wanted this game to be made, citing that "every single megaman fan wanted this" and "how could they know the support without even letting it get the chance to be supported" and all that, but no one took into consideration that; maybe because they didnt put out the demo, the thing that would have gauged support in the large way, that would spell out that its quite possible that 'support' for the game wasnt the problem? But even with that idea, you act like "boycotting til the game comes out" and "i hat u capcom" and as if the whole world wanted this game to happen. Boycotting to get it un-cancelled is not only like throwing a tantrum when your mom said you couldnt have a chocolate bar, but you act like you have the right to impose your agenda on the company jus cuz u mad. The whole world stops because youre treated soooooo terribly, and the game you were looking forward to didnt come out :,(

    Im all for blowing steam, but you guys are pack-mentality-ing like morons, and not acting very intelligent about the whole thing.
    and you INSTANTLY shot down ANYONE who added any diversity to the topic, in which being very pro pack-mentality-moron as well.
    It sucks,
    I loved Legends,
    It was top 3,
    and in fact the only megaman game I cant play for more than 3 minutes is Battle Network.
    And Megaman X wasnt THAT great, as great as the WHOLE MEGAMAN FANIVERSE made it seem. It shoulda stopped where it was meant to at X5 or X6 or whichever one it was.
    But this is pathetic.
    None of you are thinking this through, and are instantly going to revolting as the only solution.
    Get a life,
    you sour and dilute this whole cause with your shallow mindlessness.
    Think of something better. At least Tayo and Unnamed were trying.


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