Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mega Man Universe Playable At TGS

Capcom tonight has confirmed that Mega Man Universe will be one of the many playable games on the Tokyo Game Show floor next week. This marks the first time the game will be playable by the public and for those who give the game a spin, you'll be presented with one of these cool 'Metowels' (pictured) -- a towel made to look like the hard hats worn by the ever popular Mettools. Pretty sweet, no? What's a gaming convention without some sort of nifty piece of Mega Man swag?

As previously reported, we'll be learning a lot more about Mega Man Universe at TGS. Naturally, expect to see a plethora of related videos, screens and other media to surface throughout the big week. I'll be keeping a close eye out for all the goodies, and if you happen to be attending, be sure to send us some impressions of the game (video footage would be nice, too).

Not a fan of MMU? Keep an eye out on Capcom Japan's TGS homepage where the company's lineup is ever changing with new titles  -- who knows, perhaps we'll hear about Inafune's 'oft-requested' game.

TGS coverage kicks off next week, September 16.

Source: Andriasang (thanks, Thomas)


  1. Forget the towel, give me the chick. >:3

  2. Man, next week is going to be one hell of a week. And this week is proving to be one hell of an excruciating wait.

    - We might learn what the 'oft-requested' game is
    - Lots more info on MMU
    - TGS will hopefully reveal which Rockman is in MvC3 and finally shut everyone up
    - Hopefully Bethesda finally announces their new project (which we are all assuming is Elder Scrolls V, a game I've been anticipating for close to -five years-)
    - Halo Reach is released (not that I'm a serious fan, but my older brother is sure looking forward to it)
    - Pokemon Black/White is released in Japan

  3. Ahah!! I hope there will be the robotmasters some playable characters!

  4. Does she come with the towel? :-)

  5. Once I saw that Mega Man Universe was going to contain content from other games besides Mega Man 2, I've began to warm up to it a little bit. I'm looking forward to hearing new information on the game next week. Also, should another Mega Man game get announced, such as the "oft requested game", then I'll be looking forward to that, too.

  6. Hell ya! Finally, the requested game is coming!

    Also, Saito, what you said made you sound like a sicko pervert... Good job making a fool out of yourself... -_-!

    I'm curious on what MegaMan will feature on MVC3, don't you Ailaraias and Krazy Monkey? :3

  7. Are we sure MMU isn't the oft requested game? I don't remember if that was said before or after MMU was announced now....

  8. Hypercoyote:

    I doubt it. After all, he first spoke of the oft-requested game during the MMU panel at comic-con. They're definitely two different projects.

  9. @HeroManX:

    Yeah, even though it'll most likely be Zero (as always). I've got nothing against Zero, but I, too, feel that he's slightly overrated. I really do think X could use more attention for once, but I guess it's apparently out of the question now.

  10. Yeah, also, I heard there is a sequel to Dissidia: Final Fantasy and it will feature Lightning from FFXIII, Kain from FFIV and more once they are comfirmed. I know this isn't MegaMan related, but I saw it on Gamefaqs and if Dissidia is epic and awesome, I bet the sequel will be even more epic. :D

  11. Towel!

    When I go Japan, I am soo making it around TGS!


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