Thursday, September 30, 2010

New (Prototype) Rockman X Figure From Bandai (Updated)

A little while back it was reported that Bandai was considering producing a figure based upon Rockman X. Now comes our first look at the potential figure...potential in that it may not actually release. (Updated: Two new images!)

The figure placed 5th in Bandai's poll for character-based figures consumers would like to see. As such, this doesn't necessarily mean the figure will be mass produced and sold -- that reward would go to first place. Even so, according to a tip sent to The Mega Man Network, it's highly unlikely Bandia would go to all that the trouble to produce this prototype just for show and not release it.

Nevertheless the X prototype, and the other runner ups, will be on display this weekend at the Tamashi Nation event at Akihabara Akiba Square UDX2F in Japan. If you're in the area, you might want get a good look at X while you can; we may not this figure again!

Thanks for the tip, all!


  1. It would be a waste of effort to build a cool looking prototype of a Megaman character and not release it... all the figures Jazwares chose not to release. Yeah...

  2. Actually, Megaman X ranked No. 5 in Tamashi Nations top 30 Most Wanted (Non Kamen Rider Category) back in February for the release schedule of 2010/2011.

    Characters that ranked in the top 3 (Omnimon, Shinken Red from Samurai Squadron Shinkenranger, ranked 1 and 2) get figures produced in the utmost priority.

    Figures below the top 3 (including ALL FIGURES IN THE TOP 30) would get their figures produced eventually between the 2010/2011 Year. But the figures in the top 3 would get the utmost priority.

    Bandai specifically said just because figures that did not rank in the top 3, doesn't mean they will not be produced. All other figures will get produced eventually.

    This was all discussed many months ago back in March when voting was already over!

    ^_^ so we will most likely get a Megaman X SHFiguarts anyway. So cheer up!

  3. Wow, that looks pretty good for a prototype figure.

  4. Thanks for the cock tease, Bandai!

  5. Woah, sweet! I hope they also get around to making Zero and Vile.

  6. Whoo! Wouldn't mind having that on my model shelf.

  7. Another X to add to my curio cabinet army! Excellent news indeed. X3e

  8. You see Jazwares inc. this is a TRUE REAL X figure!!! Unlike your piece of s@%&!!! Just leave it to the true sculptors, the Japanese. You can't top it. This X figure just blew up all your so called Megaman figures!!! Jazwares inc. your figures are just a embarrassment compared to this. Over all i'll be getting this if it ever get released.

  9. It's an SH Figuarts?

    Oh fuck yes. Kick-ass posability all around on these guys. Though since it's non-Kamen Rider, it might not be made of Die-cast metal. Oh well, it'll still be sturdy enough.

  10. OMG X~,I Hope he is released soon because he looks epic! and I love posable figures.


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